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Geology Talk at Distant Hill Gardens – 9/6/14


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Full Circle

The stone circle at Distant Hill Gardens.

Distant Hill Gardens in Walpole will be hosting an ‘Open Garden Saturday’, September 6, from 9am to 4pm. The highlight of the day takes place from 10am to noon, with a very special talk given by author, artist, and Walpole resident David Howell. David was both a USGS research geologist and professor of Earth Sciences at Stanford University. He will be discussing The Glaciation and Ice Ages of New England.

The talk will touch on some of the important and relevant climate related questions of the day, such as how we measure past temperatures and greenhouse gases, and if the climate of today is typical of the long-term climate history of the Earth.


David Howell speaking last summer at Distant Hill Gardens.

David will also discuss why glaciers wax and wane, the features formed by glaciers, the global consequences of glaciation, and the formation of glacial Lake Hitchcock which formed in the Connecticut River valley.

The venue for the talk will be the impressive thirty foot diameter Stone Circle at Distant Hill Gardens. It is a perfect spot to think about the larger geological picture and how glaciers fit into it.


You might consider attending even If you don’t think you have an interest in geology. David has a way of making the science interesting to everyone, both expert and novice alike.

You are guaranteed to leave pleasantly surprised!

Stretched Pebble Cross-section

A large ‘Stretched Pebble’ at Distant Hill Gardens.

And be sure to check out the uncommon outcroppings of Stretched Pebbles found at Distant Hill Gardens. Stretched pebbles are formed from a specific combination of pressure, heat, and a linear movement of the earths sub-surface. Usually miles below the surface, these unique geological features rarely make their way up to the see the light of day. A real geological treat!


Join us for the glaciation talk from 10am to noon, or come anytime between 9am and 4pm, and walk the garden paths, stroll the quaking cranberry bog boardwalk, inspect the many whimsical metal sculptures found throughout the gardens, or let the kids explore the nature-play area
called ‘White-Rock Woods’.


There is a suggested $5.00 donation which includes entry to the gardens and the geology talk. All proceeds will be put toward the building of the Accessible Trail already under construction at Distant Hill Gardens.

Please visit www.distanthill.org for more information and directions.

Apple Pie Competition – 9/21/14

Another late entry for The Clarion that Barbara sent my way. – Lil



Alyson’s Orchard



Sunday, September 21,  2014  (11AM-3PM)


  • Bring your HOMEMADE PIE to the Orchard on Sunday, September 21st between 9:30 and 11 AM for judging & prizes. Adult and Kid’s category. (Kid’s12 years old and under) No pre-registration necessary!

Alyson’s Orchard will host their annual Apple Festival and old-fashioned Apple Pie Competition on Sunday, September 21st, complete with local judges, ribbons, and prizes.  Other events will include a cider making demonstration, music, PYO apples and tractor wagon rides, as well as face painting.

Starting at noon, the public will be able to taste too – apple & fruit wines, cider, ice cream, and apples.

For lunch (11AM – 3PM,) savory BBQ from the Pit Stop Smokehouse in Westmoreland, along with Ice Cream from Carol’s Scoop Shop, will be available for purchase. Don’t miss Alyson’s Farm Stand filled with fresh Apple Pies, Chicken Pot Pies & local products.

Winners of the Apple Pie Competition will be announced at 1:00PM.  Check Alyson’s website for more details www.alysonsorchard.com

Located in Walpole, NH, just 10 miles north of Keene on Rt. 12

www.alysonsorchard.com   603-756-9800


Farmers Market – 8/29/14

Fair warning to you all.  When I saw that there would be cannolis this week, I made my plans to get there early.  No fair pushing others to the ground though. – Lil



At The Market This Week

Hi all,
Good Morning, the weather forecast is perfect perfect, kids are back in school, and there will be melons at the Walpole Farmers Market. Melons and other bounty of fresh locally grown produce. There will be meats, breads, and cheeses all locally raised and produced. Vermont Cannoli will be joining us and so will local singers The Solar Sisters.

You can come get a snack visit with our vendors, let your kids play, make some great purchases for your weekend meal, and enjoy the late afternoon on the Walpole Town Common.

Remember that you can use your SNAP EBT card and benefit from the Double Up on Veggie Bucks program. For more information on the Walpole Farmers Market go to our website: Walpolefarmersmarket.com com or follow us on Facebook, you may contact the market through Holly Gowdy at 445-5104.

For the Walpole Farmers Market

Hooper Golf Club

Ron Rosko asked me to share.  If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, I would say that this picture sort of says it all and is worth a lot! – Lil

Hooper Golf Club

Play All the Golf you Want Starting September 1st

– ONLY $150


Fall Mountain School Board Meeting Minutes – 7/17/14



Charlestown Middle School Library

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Board Chairperson, Mary Henry called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM in the Charlestown Middle School Library. In attendance were Linda Christie, Lil DeCoste, Gabe St. Pierre, John Streeter and Andy Collins.  Lori Landry and Jamie Teague were also in attendance.

The meeting was called to order to discuss the Sarah Porter Building project.

Jamie Teague presented the board with a timeline of events.

A conversation ensued regarding the size of the addition at Sarah Porter and additional requirements from the State Fire Marshal’s office.

Jamie explained that in January, the board was notified of the fire safety updates that needed to be made to the Sarah Porter School. An addition was mentioned at that meeting, however a size specification was not provided because the needs where unknown at that point.

Gabe St. Pierre, who sits on the Facilities Committee, stated that he was aware of the additional space being planned.

The Superintendent shared the events of the last two weeks and the current status of the project. The engineers are working closely with the state Fire Marshal’s Office to get the project back up and running for the start of school.

Lori Landry, Jamie Teague and Mary Henry will be attending the Langdon Select board meeting on Monday, July 21, 2014 to answer any questions that may arise.

Motion: (Streeter/St. Pierre) to enter into non-public session. Passed unanimously.

After an affirmative roll call vote, the board entered non-public session at 7:40 PM under RSA 91-A:3 (a) (c) to discuss a student and personnel issue.

Motion: (Streeter/St. Pierre) to adjourn the meeting. Passed unanimously

The board exited non-public session at 8:56 PM and immediately adjourned.


Fall Mountain School Board Meeting Minutes –



Fall Mountain Regional High School Library

Monday, June 23, 2014


Board Chairperson, Mary Henry called the meeting to order at 6:38 PM in the Fall Mountain Regional High School Library. In attendance were, Linda Christie, Lil DeCoste, Gabe St. Pierre, David Hogan, Gabe St. Pierre and Andy Collins.  Lori Landry and Jamie Teague were also in attendance.


Motion: (Christie/DeCoste) to approve the minutes from Monday, June 9, 2014 Public Session. Passed unanimously.

Motion: (DeCoste/Streeter) to approve the minutes from Monday, June 9, 2014 Non-Public Session. Passed unanimously.


Ellen Kok, Author (Drewsville) presented the board with a book on Athletics at Fall Mountain. Ms. Kok thanked the board for the opportunity to work with the young athletes. Matt Schmidt thanked Ms. Kok for the time she invested in the project.

Cindy Hill (Charlestown) spoke on behalf of the music association. She commented that they have run into numerous conflicts with scheduling of athletics and music. Ms. Hill commented that it is unfair to the students to ask them to choose.

Shane Remer (Charlestown) asked to discuss the appointment of the Girl’s soccer coach, mentioning that a committee met and a recommendation was made, however nothing has been brought to the board.

Superintendent Landry explained that the decision is still under review.

Roland Brault (Acworth) spoke to a request made to have his son remain at Charlestown Primary School for the 2014-2015 school year.

Chair Henry requested that Mr. Brault hold off and discuss his concerns in non-public session.


Superintendent Landry introduced Frank Mazolla who provided the board with a presentation on the National Board Certification process on behalf of Dori Ferreira and himself. Dori was unable to attend this evening. Mr. Mazolla shared experiences from a recent National Board conference in San Diego. Mr. Mazolla thanked the board for the opportunity.

Motion: (St. Pierre/Hogan) to enter into non-public session. Passed unanimously.

After an affirmative roll call vote, the board entered non-public session at 7:00 PM under RSA 91-A:3 (a) (c) to discuss a student issue and a personnel issue.

The board exited non-public at 7:55 PM and resumed public session.

Deb Connell, Assistant Superintendent updated the board on the SIG process and reviewed the goals for the upcoming school year.

Ms. Connell thanked Selena Garrison for all of the technology support that she has provided throughout the process.

Lynne Phillips, Technology Director provided the board with an update on technology throughout the district. Ms. Phillips explained that the district has successfully quadrupled the bandwidth, district wide. In addition, she explained the FirstClass to Google transition and the new communication system, SchoolMessenger are underway.

Greg Amend presented a PowerPoint presentation using Chromebook. Vilas will be rolling out a 1:1 pilot program next school year.

Lynne Phillips introduced Chris Fecteau, Distance Learning Lab Coordinator/Help Desk who gave a brief overview of the laptop incidents and necessary repairs.


Motion: (DeCoste/Christie) to approve a conditional contract for Robert Gordon, Math Teacher, FMRHS effective August 2014. Passed unanimously.

Motion: (St. Pierre/DeCoste) to approve an unpaid leave for Emma Vanalstyne. Passed Unanimously.

Motion: (Streeter/St. Pierre) to approve the donation and planting on district property of a flowering dogwood tree in memory of Scotlyn Silfies, donated by National Field Representatives of Claremont. Passed Unanimously.


Motion: (St. Pierre/Streeter) to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented for period ending June 23, 2014. Passed unanimously.

Payroll:                                  $ 1,248,174.69

Accounts Payable:              $ 240,971.15


Jamie Teague discussed a proposal for food service. She explained that with so many changes in the federal mandates, that contracting an outside source makes sense.

Lil DeCoste recognized Sheryl Chuda and thanked her for going over and beyond for a young student in Walpole. Ms. Chuda went to stay with the student who was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital so that the parents could attend the older siblings graduation.

Motion: (Streeter/St. Pierre) to adjourn the meeting. Passed unanimously.

Hearing nothing further, the meeting adjourned at 9:18 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Misty D. Bushee

School Board Clerk


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