2014 FMEEA Dinner Auction – 10/18/14

This was sent by Patricia Royce.  Make your plans now. – Lil


On Saturday, October 18, 2014 the Fall Mountain Educational Endowment Association will host its annual dinner auction at the Walpole Town Hall. The beautiful venue, decorated in festive fall floral arrangements by the Fall Mountain Horticultural class with set the mood for a delightful evening of food, fun, and auctions to benefit the district.  As usual, the smaller items will be displayed around the hall for folks to bid on as they visit and enjoy complementary hors d’oeuvres.  Guests may bring in their own wine for the affair.  There’s room for 130 guests so book your reservations now.  Last year’s event had about 70 silent auction offerings and another 35 live auction items.

Each year the Endowment brings in about $10,000.00 from the auctions.  To date we have tickets to Indian Head Resort in the White Mountains, tickets for live performances at the Hopkins Center,  Colonial Theatre, Northen Stage, Claremont Opera House,  with dining accommodations to accompany the shows.  A 12’ Manatee Kayak package, donated by Dan Caloras and Sheila Kendrick is also up for auction, along with ski passes, golf certificate, and much more.

Dinner offers three entrees catered by the Fall Mountain School District Banquet Food Service.  Please join us for a funfilled evening that helps us fund so many programs for the students in the Fall Mountain schools.   For reservations,  call Patricia Royce at 826-4831 or e-mail us at fmeeassoc@gmail.com.

Did You Know? – 9/22/14

From Fall Mountain High School:
159 students are participating on a Fall Sports team. This number represents thirty percent of our high school student population (538).

There is a recycling day for computers, electronics and household items on October 11th at FMRHS from 9am to 12pm. This would also be a great time to get rid of your old cell phones and allow our high school to receive money for recycling it. If you are unable to drop the cell phone off on October 11th, please bring it to our main office at a time convenient for you.

Spirit of Giving – FMRHS is participating in the New Hampshire Tackles Hunger Campaign. At our football game on September 26th (game time 7pm) our high school will be collecting donations and canned food items to help supply our local food pantry.

On Thursday, October 2nd at 6:30pm, there will be a photo documentary of the JROTC’s adventure at the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France. This event will take place in the FMRHS library. All are welcome to attend.

PS – I saw the photo story of the JROTC trip to Normandy and found very impressive.  I certainly recommend it. – Lil

Zoning Board Meeting Minutes – 9/17/14

Walpole Zoning Board of Adjustment

Minutes: September 17,  2014


Present: Board Members: Chair Myra Mansouri, Vice-Chair Peggy Pschirrer, Clerk Ernie Vose, Jan Galloway Le Clerc, Mary Therese Lester, Judy Trow.

Alternates: Stephanie Stoughton, Bob Anderson.

Recording: Marilou Blaine, Recording Secretary.

These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the October 2014 meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions.


Roll Call: Ms. Mansouri called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. No Alternates were needed as a full board was present.

Minutes: Mr. Vose made a motion to accept the minutes as printed. The motion was seconded and approved by the board.

Correspondence: Ms. Mansouri read a letter to the board from Paul Fyre. Mr. Frye explained that he had finished taking down his house at 90 Booksellers Road and appreciated the extensions of time from the board. Mr. Frye also said he was able to recycle the wood.

New Business: JR Development request a Special Exception for Walpole Sign Ordinance, Article IV, Part D, No. 6 for a proposed Sears Sign at Town Tax Map 12, Lot 55-2. The ordinance states that signs must be at least 100 feet apart in the Commercial and Industrial Districts.

JR Development also requested a sign at the entrance to the Plaza, also in the Commercial District.

Chris Stone of C&S Signs in Hudson, NH, said that he was proposing a 2-foot-by-10-foot Sears Sign on the face of the building centered in front of the store. It is an illuminated sign. Also, at the existing entrance to the North Meadow Plaza sign, Mr. Stone was proposing to put a non-illuminated sign under the La Valley sign that was the same size as the La Valley sign.

Ms. Mansouri asked how the store sign would be illuminated. Mr. Stone replied there would be either fluorescent or LED lights inside, probably fluorescent. It would be on a timer and the timer could be set to meet any requirements.

Ms. Lester asked about the construction of the sign. Mr. Stone said it was an  aluminum frame with a polycarbonate face and vinyl graphics. She then asked about the colors. Mr. Stone said it would be Red Sears and Hometown lettering on a white base and a blue cabinet. The cabinet is about 8 (eight) inches deep and that is where the lights are contained.

Looking at a photo of the sign for the used furniture shop, Ms. Lester said it’ was actually smaller than the previous sign.

Mr. Vose asked where the sign would be mounted. Mr. Stone said on the face of the building. Mr. Vose pointed out there would be snow and ice. Mr. Stone said there were breakers on the roof and this is standard in the industry for a boxed cabinet sign, even in New Hampshire where there is ice and snow.

Ms. Pschirrer asked about the sign at the entrance to the Plaza. Mr. Stone said it would be constructed just like La Valleys, an inch and a half deep with a frame and a polycarbonate face with the same vinyl graphics. Ms. Lester asked if it was double-sided. Mr. Stone said yes.

Mr. Anderson asked about the square footage of the entire sign. Mr. Stone didn’t know but the size of the Sears sign would be 2-feet-6-inches by five-feet-10-inches, the same as the La Valley sign. The upper cabinet (sign) is probably 10 feet long by 7 feet tall.

Mr. Vose asked if there was previously a sign where the Sears sign is going. Board members speculated there had to be an Ames sign and a CVS sign. Mr. Vose was wondering if there was a special exception originally when the sign went in. The ordinance says multiple signs should be on the same post but there probably was a special exception or a variance to the total size of the sign. Ms. Lester, the Sears sign is replacing what was there before.

Ms. Mansouri asked if there were further questions before closing the public hearing. Ms. Le Clerc made a motion to approve the special exception for the store sign and for the entrance sign as presented. Mr. Vose seconded the motion. Ms. Pschirrer amended the motion to include that the store should not exceed the time when Ocean State and Shaw’s turn off their lights. Ms. Lester seconded her motion.

Ms. Mansouri asked for a vote on the amendment and it passed and then a vote on the original motion. That passed as well.


Orthodontist sign: Ms. Mansouri said the contractor working on the office where Dr. Peter Bowman previously practice called her about a sign and some lighting around the building. No one came to this meeting.


Inquiry about zoning for where a building that housed and repaired antique cars could be built:

Greg Gay of Westminster, Vt., said he and his father had a hobby of restoring old cars. They had previously tried to build a place in Westminster. Vt., but were turned down because of “agricultural overlay.” The building he and his father wanted to build would be 60 feet by 150 feet. It would have very few windows and only one or two doors. All the vehicles, some unregistered, would be inside the building.

Mr. Gay was wondering if there were restrictions in Walpole on zoning that would prevent him from building a building for the cars and maybe a home for his family.

Ms. Mansouri said that there was little land available for a project like this in Residential A or B. She suggested maybe looking at property in the Industrial Park. Ms. Le Clerc said that in the Rural Agricultural District one could build a house and a building of that size behind the home.

Ms. Mansouri asked about chemicals being used. Mr. Gay responded that there was brake cleaner but most every tool was a manual tool. Mr. Gay thanked everyone for the information.


Drinking Water Committee: Since November 2013, a committee has been working on public drinking water. Either next month or in November, the committee will share its findings with the Zoning Board.


Gravel Pit Inspection Assignments:

Hodgkins: Industrial Park and Drewsville sites: Bob Anderson and Peggy Pschirrer.

George Graves: Jan Le Clerc and Judy Trow

Joe Sawyer: Mary Therese Lester and Stephanie Stoughton

Cold River Materials: Myra Mansouri and Ernie Vose.


Site Plan Review Regulations: Board members received copies of the Site Plan Review Regulations that the Planning Board uses to determine their decisions.


The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine


cc: ZBA, Selectboard, Walpolean,

The minutes are posted in and outside the Town Offices and at the bulletin board outside Burdick’s Market.

Walpole School Site-Based Committee

Walpole School Site-Based Committee seeks Community Representation on Committee

            The Walpole School Site-Based Committee, comprised of teachers, parents, community members, support staff, a school board member and the principal, is looking for several community members.  The committee meets on the first Wednesday of the month in the school library.

The purpose of the committee is to provide a forum of ideas and opinions from everyone within our community and school.  We want to incorporate community input into our decision making process, as we review, discuss, adopt and annually evaluate a school improvement plan.  We try to enlist support of all staff, students, parents, school district and student representatives in the implementation of the improvement plan and present an annual report on the progress of this plan.  Each year, the group helps plan and evaluate the school budget, participates in the selection of special programs and school personnel decisions, where warranted.

If you are interested in becoming a member, the school would appreciate your involvement.  Call Mr. Sam Jacobs, Principal of the school at 603-756-4728.  More information is available on the Walpole Site-Based Committee’s blog at walpoleschool.blogspot.com.

Did You Know?

From Tom Ronning, FMRHS Principal – Lil

September 8, 2014

  • Earlier today, our freshmen signed certificates and received green “Committed to Graduate” bands.
  • FMRHS is further developing personalize learning plans for our students. This past summer eight staff members participated in 33 hours of professional development at a Next Generation Personalized Learning Institute to help with the process.
  • A group of present and past FMRHS students from the club STAND (Students Take Action Now: Darfur) went to the Keene State College Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies on Wednesday, September 3, to witness Gov. Maggie Hassan sign a Genocide Awareness bill into legislation. NH is one of four states to have such a law. Several students have collected names for a petition to name the month of April Genocide Awareness month in New Hampshire. The hope is that this will encourage teachers and other agencies to talk about past and more importantly present genocides in an effort to bring an end to such human atrocities.
  • For the first time in the school’s history, FMRHS has fielded a golf team and is competing in Division III of the NHIAA.
  • Thank you to Target for the recent check to help our students be successful.

Walpole Drinking Water Committee Meeting Minutes – 9/10/14

Here’s a new one on me.  Guess these people also deserve a thank you for our great drinking water. – Lil


Walpole Drinking Water Committee Meeting

Wednesday September 10, 2014 at 7:30 PM


Mark Houghton, Water/Sewer Superintendent (Late)

Jen Palmiotto, Resident, GSRWA

Andrew Madison, GSRWA

Bob Miller, Conservation

Tom Beaudry, Conservation (Late)

Vinnie Malnatti, Land Owner

Laura Palmer, Resident, SWPC Secretary

Steve Dalessio, Planning Board

Dennis Marcom, Planning Board (late)


Ernie Vose, Zoning

Gary Speed, Conservation

Larry Britton, Land Owner

Chas Street, Select board



  1. Meeting Notes From Previous Meeting – A presentation was made by the Southwest Regional Planning Commission regarding the zoning map of Walpole. The zoning mapping services are being provided by SWRPC, of which Walpole is a member. Some of the lot numbers were incorrect on the map but this could be the result of changing lot numbers. Steve reported that the mapping project is moving forward and progressing, albeit slowly.

The new GSRWA Source Water Specialist, Andrew Madison, was introduced.

It was mentioned that the Town of Walpole won GSRWA’s drinking water taste test at the annual Operator Field Day on Tuesday and came first out of 13 entries.

  1. Edits and Questions on Current Ordinance Draft – Edits to the Draft Walpole Source Protection Overlay Ordinance were submitted by both Dennis Marcom and Steve D’Alessio.

Dennis Marcom:

  • II, A, 2.- Dennis suggested that the phrase “and wellhead protection areas within known aquifers” be changed to “within known public aquifers.” It was decided that the wording would be unchanged since all aquifers are considered to be public.
  • III Definitions, M- Regulated Substances- Eight substances (ammonia, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, acetic acid, sulfuric acid, potassium hydroxide, potassium permanganate, propane and other liquefied fuels which exist as gasses at normal atmospheric temperature and pressure) are excluded from the list of prohibited regulated substances. This is because they are chemicals used in water treatment or exist as gasses and are not considered to be a serious threat to groundwater supplies by NH DES.
  • Section IV Heading- It was decided that the heading would remain as “Overlay District”
  • Section VII F regarding outdoor storage of regulated substances- This section addresses the outdoor storage of regulated substances with regard to private wells. There was some confusion as to why this section was in the draft ordinance since the ordinance is meant to address public water supplies. It was found that NH DES can regulate private wells with regard to regulated substances within their 75ft sanitary radius through regulation RSA 485-A:30-B.
  • Section VII, Paragraph I- This paragraph reads: “Prior to any land disturbing activities on the property…” There was some confusion as to what property this refers to and who is responsible for sealing the well. The wording in this section will be revised to make it more clear that the well owner is responsible for sealing the well and that the property where land disturbing activities are taking place is the property in question.
  • Section XIII, Exemptions, Paragraph G- Pesticides are listed as exempt from all provisions of the ordinance, this is because RSA 430:29 XXVI prohibits municipalities from interfering with the sale, use, or transportation of pesticides and that regulation of pesticides is reserved for the state.
  • Section XIII, Exemptions, Paragraph I- This paragraph states that underground and above ground storage tanks are exempt from Section XV inspections. This was viewed as in conflict with Table 1, Item B which prohibits underground storage of petroleum products and as more stringent that the model NH DES ordinance. Underground and above ground storage tanks were viewed as problematic for ground water protection by all members of the Source Water Committee. The wording of this section will be revised to specify that this section applies to permitted aboveground storage tanks under 1100 gallons only.

Steve D’Alessio:

  • Definition of “Bulk” was added
  • Section VII, Paragraph G- This section was amended to state “…containment structure must be constructed in a way to minimize accumulation of water…”
  • Section VII, Paragraph H- “…in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations…”
  • Section XIII- Amended to state that substances are exempt from Article VII Performance Standards to clarify which standards were being addressed.
  • Page 1 will be amended to include “natural resource overlay districts and boundary lines”


III. Potential Sources of Contamination Inventory: Update on inventory given by Andrew: Still in progress, investigating commercial zoning along CT River and Rt. 12. Will be in contact with local producers to discuss fertilizer and pesticide use to get an accurate picture of agricultural impacts in the area. Will be in contact with Larry Britton to discuss agricultural practices on Watkins Hill and Vin Malnati to discuss agriculture near the River Well.

  1. New Edits and Final Draft of SW Ordinance: New edits to the draft ordinance will be incorporated next week and sent out for review by committee members. Email approval via “reply all” will be used for voting on the new draft. Vin is to receive a hard copy of the draft ordinance and call with his vote. All edits will need to be approved and finalized by October 11th.

The Planning Committee meeting is the second Tuesday in October and the final proposed ordinance will need to be completed and ready for presentation to the Planning Committee by then. A public hearing on the proposed ordinance is planned for November 25th.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 1st at 7:30 PM


Walk with the Greyhounds – 9/14/14



Sunday, September 14

11am – 3 pm


8th Annual Walk with the Greyhounds You, your family & your dog (leashed dogs of any breed) are invited to come and enjoy a beautiful stroll through the Orchard with some magnificent Greyhounds – Walk starts at 12 Noon)

  • Chili Cook-off & tasting
  • Free tractor wagon rides 10-6
  • PYO Ginger Gold & McIntosh apples 10-6 ($)
  • Farm Stand Open 10-6
  • BBQ Food available 11-3 ($)
  • Live Music 12 – 3
  • Wine Tasting 12-3
  • Visit our baby goats and children’s playground
  • Face Painting 12-3
  • Carol’s Scoop Shop Ice Cream 12 – 3 ($)

Alyson’s Orchard, Route 12, Walpole, NH 03608




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