Beekeeping Workshops

 Since”The Clarion” had already gone to press, Barbara Kasoer asked me to let you know about the beekeeping workshops being provided by Charlie Andros.


Charlie is a former NH/VT Apiary Inspector and will be holding beekeeping workshops at 18 MacLean Road in Alstead on April 18th, May 16th, July 18th and September 12.  The workshops are from 1:00-4:00 PM.  If you would like more information you can email him at or call 603-756-9056.

Selectboard Meeting Minutes – 3/12/15



MARCH 12, 2015

Selectboard Present: Chas Street (Chair); Whitney Aldrich; Steven Dalessio

CALL TO ORDER: Mr. Street called this Selectboard meeting to order at 6:00 PM in the Walpole Town Hall. He advised that this meeting is being recorded and asked anyone wishing to speak to identify themselves for the record. There were seven people in attendance. These are unapproved Minutes.


MR. JIM TERRELL – Highway Department: Mr. Terrell talked with Mr. Kreissle about the salt budget; it ended up better than he anticipated. He submitted a 2015 Salt, Sand & Overtime summary for the Selectboard to review. He feels the Salt budget will be fine for 2015. The Sand budget is over; they had budgeted $50,000. They used all the sand that was in the yard plus $3,783 was spent to buy more. He had already contracted to buy 600 more yards which came to $4,800. The sand line-item is now negative $8,383. There will not be enough to finish out 2015 if we have another winter like 2014. He would be comfortable ordering another 600 yards.

Relative to Overtime he feels it would be prudent to add another 25 hours just in case it is needed. If they added another $20,000 to this budget and subtracted the above figures it would leave about $7,600 for additional expenses, if needed. Following a discussion there was a consensus of the Selectboard to leave the proposed 2015 budget as is and to hope it is a normal year weather-wise without any emergencies and/or severe storms.

Relative to the Interim Inspection of Municipally Owned Bridges (red listed) from the Department of Transportation. Mr. Terrell was aware of the bridge over Houghton Brook on Wentworth Road. They had put in some guardrails and did shoulder work. There is a plan to fix it and money in the budget but when they tried to get an “Expedited Permit” to do the work from the Department of Environmental Services (DES) they said “no”; now we are going into the third year trying to get a permit. Warren Stevens is working on that. It is not a major problem to fix it and not very expensive but they need the permit.

He just recently heard about the other bridge on Main Street over Old Mill Pond Brook. The main issue is the corrosion near the bottom where the water runs. DES is worried because corrosion tends to speed up as time goes by. Warren Stevens and he looked at it after they were notified by the DES and they concurred on an easy fix but this would also require a permit.

Mr. Terrell is aware of the missing Weight Posting sign (E2) at the north end of the Old Mill Pond Brook Bridge but will need to order one. There is money in the budget for engineering. He would like to take care of these two bridges as soon as possible.

Mr. Terrell had an employee leave as he is moving out of town. The vacancy has been advertised and a few applications have been received.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Accounts Payable check register and manifest in the amount of $73,936.03 for checks dated March 13, 2015. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

PAYROLL: Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Payroll voucher for the week ending March 7, 2015, in the amount of $21,207.99 for checks dated March 13, 2015. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the electronic transfer for the 941 Employer Taxes for Withholding, MEDI and FICA taxes in the amount of $4,856.05 for the week ending March 7, 2015. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

SELECTBOARD MEETING MINUTES: SELECTBOARD MEETING – March 5, 2015: Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Minutes of the regular Selectboard meeting of March 5, 2015, as submitted. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the Minutes were approved.

NON-PUBLIC SELECTBOARD SESSION – March 5, 2015: Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Minutes of the Non-Public Selectboard Session of March 5, 2015, as submitted. The Minutes will not be sealed. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the Minutes were approved.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: The Selectboard received and reviewed the Minutes of the following meetings:

 Planning Board Meeting – March 10, 2015;

 North Walpole Village District Board of Commissioners – March 10, 2015.

NOTICE OF INTENT TO CUT WOOD OR TIMBER: POTTER, Old Keene Road, Map & Lot #007-022-001: Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Notice of Intent to Cut Wood or Timber, No. 14-461-20-T, for Edward Potter off the Old Keene Road, as submitted. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

ABATEMENTS / REFUNDS: JR DEVELOPMENT, LLC., Ames Plaza, Map & Lot #012-055-002A: Mr. Street explained that this went before the Board of Land and Tax Appeals (BLTA) and the Town was represented by Avitar Associates. This Abatement Agreement is the result of those negotiations between JR Development, Inc. and the Town of Walpole. The square footage was wrong therefore they were being taxed on a larger square footage; this is the middle section that was taken over by another owner. Mr. Dalessio explained that it was decreased from 27,666 to 15,520 square feet. For the current year they added back in the small storage addition in back of the Sears Hometown Store. Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Abatement application for the municipality in accordance with RSA 76:16 to JR Development, LLC. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

Mr. Dalessio moved to authorize the Chair to sign the Settlement Agreement between the Town of Walpole and JR Development, LLC for Lots 12-55-2, 12-55-2A and 12-55-13. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Notice of Property Tax Abatement / Refund for Map and Lot #12-55- 2A, JR Development, LLC for the year 2013 in the amount of $11,929.14. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Notice of Property Tax Abatement / Refund for Map and Lot #12-55- 2A, JR Development, LLC for the tax year 2014 in the amount of $10,055.52. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved.


LEGISLATIVE DELEGATION MEETING INVITATION: An invitation was received from the City of Keene to attend a meeting of the Keene City Council and Keene Delegation to keep informed on legislative proposals and discuss issues of concern. The main topic of discussion will be the Maplewood Nursing Home. Over the years they have expanded the list of invited guests to reflect the fact that legislation does not recognize town boundaries but extends out to their wider communities. The members of the SAU 29 School Board, the Cheshire County Commissioners and area Selectmen are invited to bring up their own legislative concerns at this meeting. This meeting is scheduled for March 30th, 2015, in the Council Chambers on the 2nd floor of City Hall, 3 Washington Street, Keene beginning at 6:30 pm.

DES DREDGE PROJECT: Mr. Aldrich advised that the Town received notification and a packet of information that the State will be doing some dredging in North Walpole in the harbor. A copy will be sent to the North Walpole Board of Commissioners for their information.

HOLIDAY FARMERS MARKET: Mrs. Edkins advised that Mrs. Holly Gowdy came in this afternoon to advise that they are not going to continue the Friday afternoon Farmers Markets but they would like to use the Common on the week-end after Thanksgiving Day when the two churches and the Orchard School are holding their Christmas Bazaars. Mr. Dalessio pointed out that the need for the Farmers Market is going away as a lot of local stores are handling their produce and products. The Selectboard had no objections to their using the Common on this week-end.

CHESHIRE COUNTY PROPOSED BUDGET: The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of the letter and summary of the 2015 Executive Committee’s Proposed Budget. This budget will be going before the County Delegation on Monday, March 16, 2015, at 7:00 pm at the old Cheshire County Court House, 2nd Floor County Hall, 12 Court Street in Keene.

OLD BUSINESS: Town Hall Renovations: An email was received from Mrs. Clough regarding the Town Hall kitchen renovations. Mrs. Edkins pointed out that a concern is the safety aspect. They talked to Mr. Mark Houghton about this and several people have looked at it. A question is whether or not a fire suppression system is required if renovations are made. Mrs. Pschirrer feels a dish washer is the biggest item. Mr. Dalessio mentioned there are other options they need to pursue. These are 2014 funds that have been carried-over.

RECESS SELECTBOARD MEETING: Mr. Dalessio moved to recess this Selectboard meeting. The Selectboard will enter into a meeting as the Hooper Trustees. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved at 6:52 PM. The regular Selectboard meeting resumed at 7:26 PM.

NEW BUSINESS (Continued): TRUSTEES OF TRUST FUNDS – Resignation: Mrs. Peggy Pschirrer submitted her resignation from the Trustees of Trust Funds effective March 14, 2015. She will work with her replacement.

TRUSTEES OF TRUST FUNDS – Appointment: Mr. Dalessio moved to appoint Tom Goins to fill the balance of Mrs. Pschirrer’s term as a Trustee of the Trust Funds. Seconded by Mr. Aldrich. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

TOWN REPORT: Mrs. Pschirrer recommended that an apology be extended to Robert Kimball as his name was not listed under the Trustees of Trust Funds in the front of the Town Report. Mr. Dalessio felt they would make a statement during the Town Meeting and apologize for the omission. Mr. Aldrich pointed out that on page 8 in the Town Report under the Election Results it indicates that “James Aldrich” explained the budget instead of “Whitney Aldrich”.

NON-PUBLIC SESSION: Mr. Aldrich moved to enter into a Non-Public Selectboard Session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II to discuss (a) Personnel. Mr. Dalessio seconded the motion and, on a roll call vote with all in favor, the motion was approved at 7:37 PM. The regular meeting resumed at 7:48 PM.

NEW BUSINESS (Continued): Selectboard: Mr. Street said Thank You, it has been a pleasure serving on the Selectboard and it has been a great year. We are in good shape. Mrs. Pschirrer will be the new Selectboard member.

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Aldrich moved to adjourn this meeting. Seconded by Mr. Dalessio. With all in favor, the motion was approved at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Regina Borden, Recording Secretary

Four Season Gardening – 4/11/15

In the interest of full disclosure, I am just closing out a full month in Florida and I am ready to start working in the summertime garden.I do understand however that when we get back to Walpole, Mike’s program may seem more relevant! – Lil 

Header With No Shadow

‘Four Season Gardening’ Workshop …Adding Year-round Interest to Your Yard

Waiting For Spring

Saturday, April 11

Bridge Memorial Library
Walpole, NH

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Don’t let the cold and snow of future winters keep you from enjoying a visually interesting yard in years to come. Michael Nerrie, the designer and builder of Distant Hill Gardens in Walpole, will discuss the many ways to add color and shape to your landscape in every season. A number of plants that supply seasonal interest will be highlighted, along with specific design principles you can use to build an outdoor space you will love to view year-round.


Please call the Walpole Library at 756-9806 or email: for more information


Zoning Board Meeting Minutes – 3/18/15

Walpole Zoning Board of Adjustments

Minutes: March 18, 2015


Present: Board members: Chair Myra Mansouri, Jan Galloway-Le Clerc, Ernie Vose, Bob Anderson, Mary Therese Lester, Alternates: Judy Trow, Absent: Stephanie Stoughton

Recording: Elaine Heleen, Acting Recording Secretary.  These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the April 15, 2015 meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions.

Call to Order: Chairman Myra Mansouri opened the meeting at 7:35pm. She asked alternate Ms. Trow to sit in.

Minutes: Ms. Trow moved to accept the minutes of the February 18, 2016 meeting as presented.  Mr. Vose seconded the motion and the board voted in the affirmative.

Old Business: None

Public Hearings: None

New Business:

  • Sign for the proposed breakfast/lunch/coffee shop in the Dennis Pellegrino building. As the applicant is not present, this will be put off until next month.
  • Congratulations to Bob Anderson and MT Lester for reappointment to the ZBA. (Ms. Lester will take her Oath of Office before next month’s meeting)
  • Election of officers
    1. Trow nominated Ms. Mansouri for Chairman of the ZBA. Ms. Galloway-Le Clerc seconded the motion and the board voted in the affirmative.
    2. Galloway-Le Clerc nominated Ms. Lester for Vice Chair. Mr. Anderson seconded, but Ms. Lester declined the nomination.
    3. Mansouri nominated Ms. Galloway-Le Clerc for Vice Chair. Mr. Vose seconded the motion and the board voted in the affirmative.
    4. Anderson nominated Mr. Vose for Clerk. Ms. Trow seconded the motion and the board voted in the affirmative.
  • Thank you letter to Peggy Pschirrer for her years (6) of service to ZBA will be ready for the next board meeting.
  • Comparison of By-laws revealed that several members had outdated copies. New copies (dated July 2009) were distributed to all. These will be reviewed at the April meeting.
  • Vose wants everyone to consider if they know of anyone who would be interested in joining as an alternate.

Ms. Trow moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:45pm.  Ms. Galloway-Le Clerc seconded the motion and the board voted in the affirmative.
Next meeting April 15, 2015



Congratulations to Meeting Waters. – Lil

One of the smallest Ys in the country, at least in terms of budget, is once again serving as a model for their nearly 2,700 peers around the country. Meeting Waters YMCA leaders were recently notified by YMCA of the USA, the national resource center for all Ys in America, they are one of ten Ys in the country chosen as “HEPA Champions.” HEPA stands for healthy eating and physical activity. The HEPA standards are a set of policies and practices developed by the National Institute on Out of School Time and embraced by the YMCA movement. Recently, Y-USA commissioned an independent audit of local Ys adherence to 17 dimensions of policies and practices related to healthy eating and physical activity. Meeting Waters YMCA scored high in all 17 areas.

According to Meeting Waters YMCA’s Executive Director, Steve Fortier, Y-USA will highlight our regional Y and nine others as “bright spots” of what is possible. “Our policies, practices, parent engagement processes, communication tools, daily snack and physical activity plans, staff recruitment and training practices, parent handbook and more will be made available to all Ys in the US,” Fortier explains. “Sue (Meeting Waters YMCA’s Program Director Susan Fortier) will be available as a coach and support for Ys wanting to raise their level of commitment to ensuring children in Y day care and school-age care programs are surrounded with unambiguous and uncompromised environments, messages and experiences in support of healthy lifestyles.

“With over 9 million young people in the Y’s care every day across the country, if all Ys commit to achieving these standards, we can have an even greater impact on the health of young people in America,” Fortier adds. “We’re proud of what we’re doing with a couple hundred children in our area and how we can positively impact millions more through our modeling and coaching as ‘HEPA Champions.’”

Examples of some of the standards include serving water as the beverage of choice and never serving drinks with added sugars; serving snacks with food from two or more food groups, at least one of which is ½ cup of a fruit or vegetable and serving snack family-style; and engaging the parents of Y-ASPIRE children in monthly skill-building and information-sharing experiences to support them in having a healthy home environment. A full set of the standards are available on the Y-ASPIRE page at

According to Program Director Susan Fortier, Meeting Waters YMCA has been committed to much of what became part of the HEPA standards for more than a decade before the standards came into existence.  “When Steve and I created the Y-ASPIRE outcome objectives, overarching policies and curriculum framework back in 1998, we had a strong commitment to healthy eating and physical activity baked right into what Y-ASPIRE is all about,” she said. “We know that children can only be healthy in ‘spirit, mind and body’ when they get the proper amount of physical activity and their bodies and minds are fueled with healthy foods. The obesity epidemic has only compounded the importance of all of this in more recent years.”

Executive Director Steve Fortier is quick to point out that local support has made it possible for his organization to make the financial investments required to purchase healthier snacks. “We spend more than $15,000 per year on food for our seven Y-ASPIRE sites,” he explained. “Thanks to a grant from the Fanny Holt Ames and Edna Louise Holt Fund and donations to our Community Support Campaign we’ve been able to ensure that each and every day, the snacks and drinks we serve are 100% compliant with the very stringent HEPA standards and, of course, our own high expectations of ourselves.”

In 2011, Meeting Waters YMCA’s Healthy Communities Coalition of Windham County was chosen by YMCA of the USA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as one of four “national success stories” in healthy communities efforts aimed at “making the healthy choice the easy choice where people live, work, learn and play.”

Meeting Waters YMCA was founded 120 years ago. It is a charitable, social service organization serving over two dozen communities in the Bellows Falls, Fall Mountain, Springfield and Brattleboro regions. Its Y-ASPIRE programs take place at Brattleboro’s Oak Grove, Green Street and Academy schools, as well as Dummerston School, Putney Central School, Rockingham Central School (also serving children from Westminster Center School and Saxtons River School) and all three Walpole schools from a site at Walpole Primary School. More information about Y-ASPIRE, its HEPA standards and other Y services is available at or by calling them at 802-463-4769 (BF and Fall Mountain area), 802-246-1036 (Brattleboro area) or 802-885-8131 (Springfield area).

Photo:  Y-ASPIRE participants often make their snacks from scratch. Here, Anthony from Y-ASPIRE at Rockingham Central School does his part of a group effort to make homemade apple sauce.


bf-anthony making apple sauce


Planning Board Meeting Minutes – 3/10/15



Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Presiding Members: Jeffrey Miller (Chair); Robert Miller (Vice-Chair), James Aldrich, Jason Perron, Kelley Hicks, Dennis Marcom, Chas Street (Selectboard)

Alternates:      Ed Potter

Absent:            Jeff White, Altenate

There was one person present in the audience.


Recording:      Elaine Heleen, Acting Recording Secretary

These Minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the April 14, 2015, meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions.

Meeting Opened:  Mr. Jeffrey Miller called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Roll Call:  Mr. J. Miller noted that a full Board was present therefore there was no need to call upon the alternate members to sit on the Board.

Approval of Minutes of the Regular Planning Board meeting on February 10, 2015:  Mr. Street moved to approve the Minutes of the regular Planning Board meeting of February 10, 2015, as printed.  Seconded by Mr. R. Miller. Vote called, the motion was approved.


Lot Line Adjustment:  Scott L. and Judith D. Northcott, Town Map #13, Lots #46, 54, and 54-1 in the Rural District.   Mr. J. Miller called this Public Hearing to order at 7:01 PM.  He noted that this Public Hearing was duly warned and posted and the fees were paid.

Mr. R. Miller moved to accept this application as complete.  Seconded by Mr. Marcom.  Vote called, the motion was approved.

Mr. Scott and Ms. Judy Northcott wish to combine property on Walpole Valley Road by adding Lot 54 Parcel “A” (consisting of .670 acres) and Lot 46 Parcel “B” (.220 acre) to Map 13, Lot 54-1, existing 12.4 acres.

Mr. J. Miller closed this Public Hearing at 7:04 PM.

OLD BUSINESS: Ms. Kathy Mazziott is present to discuss the plan to open a retail coffee/tea bakeshop in Dr. Pellegrino’s building at 40 Main St.  At first the idea was to do all cooking off premises but they discovered that the requirements by the State Health Department were the same for both the home kitchen and the on-site kitchen.  Mr. Herb Hurlburt, Walpole Fire Dept. recommended an electric stove which would not require a range hood or fire extinguishing chemicals.  Although the capacity is rated for 32 people, the plans are currently to have seating for 24.  Expected hours of operation would be 7am-2pm for 5 or 6 days of the week. Mr. J. Miller noted that this building is in the Commercial district and that Ms. Mazziott and Mr. Jessie Carr should return to the Planning Board if they decide to expand.


Northcott:  Mr. Aldrich moved to approve this Lot Line Adjustment for Mr. Scott and Ms. Judith Northcott, as presented.  Seconded by Ms. Hicks.  Vote called, the motion was approved.

Mr. Street mentioned that this will be his last meeting as SelectBoard representative as his term as SelectBoard member is expiring.  Many members thanked him for his service.

Adjournment: Mr. Aldrich moved to adjourn this meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Marcom.  Vote called, the motion was approved.  The time was 7:12 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Heleen, Acting Recording Secretary


A letter from your new Selectperson

The highlights and underlines are mine but the letter is pure Peggy Pschirrer. – Lil
Dear Walpoleans,
On March 10, 2015 you elected me to the Select Board.   I am honored and humbled by your trust.   Jaime Teague was a very worthy, experienced opponent and I know she will continue to be involved in Walpole.
My thanks to all of you for expressing your confidence that I can do the job!   I expect all of  you to keep me on my toes at all times.
Town Meeting is March 14 at 1:00 p.m. in the Town Hall.  I urge you all to attend to see all elected officials sworn in and to participate in the discussion of the budget and warrant articles.  Your presence is very important.
See you there!
 Peggy Pschirrer

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