Lights on Afterschool! -10/23/14

Meeting Waters YMCA will join over 10,000 other organizations nationwide in hosting Lights on Afterschool! celebrations on Thursday, October 23rd. Launched in October 2000, Lights On Afterschool is the only nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families and communities.

Meeting Waters YMCA will host celebrations at each of its seven Y-ASPIRE sites—Brattleboro’s Green Street School, Oak Grove School and Academy School; Dummerston School, Putney Central School, Rockingham Central School and Walpole Primary School. All seven Lights On Afterschool! events will take place between 4:30 and 5:30 on the 23rd. They are free and open to the public.

During the events, Y-ASPIRE participants will lead an activity and showcase recent projects that they’ve done in the program.

The Lights On AfterSchool! events will also provide education, community and business leaders a chance to hear about the critical role the regional Y’s Y-ASPIRE, Snow Day, and Y Day Camp programs are playing to provide hundreds of children with enriching out-of-school activities while, at the same time, supporting working parents and the companies that employ them.

As Meeting Waters YMCA Executive Director Steve Fortier stresses, “High-quality, well-designed out-of-school programs not only have a positive impact on the kids they serve, they also support families and strengthen local economies. Through our programs, more than 500 parents can contribute to their workplace knowing that their kids are safe, having fun, and developing important skills in the “out-of-school” time. Lights On AfterSchool! is our chance to showcase these contributions to the community.”

The Lights On Afterschool! advocacy events nationwide are coordinated by the Afterschool Alliance, a coalition of private, public and nonprofit organizations, including YMCAs.

Information about Lights On Afterschool!, Y-ASPIRE and other Meeting Waters YMCA programs is available at, on their facebook page, by calling the office nearest you (Bellows Falls: 463-4769; Brattleboro: 246-1036; or Springfield: 885-8131) or by emailing

Meeting Waters YMCA is a charitable, non-profit, social service organization founded in 1895. Its services positively impact children, teens, families and communities throughout the Fall Mountain, Springfield, Bellows Falls and Brattleboro regions.

Last Minute Notice

Virginia Carter wanted me to let you know that there is a story about their September harvest airing tonight 10/17/14 on Chronicle – 7:00 PM on channel 9:00!  Catch it if you can.

Candlelight Dinners – 10/16/14

While a candlelit dinner was not a unique things in Walpole on Thursday, I bet not many others shared that romantic setting with approximately 70 other people.  The Thank You Dinner for Volunteers, hosted by the Library Staff andTrustees became memorable when the lights went off just after guests sat down to eat.  Cellphones came out of pockets and offered light until candles could be found so we hardly missed a beat, or a mouthful.  (I learned that there’s even an app for a flashlight.)

The dinner was beautifully catered by Jamie Teague – even though she was forced to do her preparation in the dark.  The lights had gone out briefly shortly before guests arrived and power didn’t return to the kitchen.  While dinner was slightly delayed, the biggest problem noted by this guest was that the coffee pot didn’t make the coffee that would have kept us all awake, anyway.

The power came back (even in the kitchen) in time for dessert to be served and clean up to get done.  It was definitely an evening that will be remembered for years to come.  Thank you, Library Staff and Trustees, Jamie Teague and Liberty Utilities! – Lil

Planning Board Meeting Minutes – 10/14/14

Walpole Planning Board

Walpole Town Hall

October 14, 2014



Presiding: Jeffrey Miller (Chair), Robert Miller (Vice-Chair), James Aldrich, (Secretary), Dennis Marcom, Jason Perron, Kelley Hicks, Chas Street (Selectboard Representative).

Alternate: Ed Potter, Alternate.

Absent: Jeff White, Alternate

Recording: Marilou Blaine. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the November 11, 2014 meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions.

Meeting Opened: Mr. J. Miller, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Roll Call: All board members were in attendance so no alternates were needed to fill in.

Minutes: Mr. Aldrich made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Mr. R. Miller seconded the motion and the board approved the motion.

Old Business: 

Public Hearing No. 2 – Subdivision of one lot into two lots. Steven W. Brode, 15 Macri Lane,     Town Tax Map No. 7, Lot No. 22, Rural Agricultural Zoning District. The application was approved as       complete.

Ms. Cindy Westover represented Mr. Brode. She said that the lot is 2.95 acres and will be divided into a 1-acre lot and a 1.95 acre lot. The 1.95 acre lot has a house on it. Test pits have been done and Ted Fellows said everything looked fine. The state has yet to sign an official letter but they are expected to do so, Ms. Westover said. Mr. Street asked about a driveway. Ms. Westover responded that it would abut Mr. Bruce Potter’s driveway. The public hearing was closed.

Public Hearing No. 2: Site Plan Review. Conversion of the former American Legion building at 73 Main Street into a business for Costume Ladies. Tax Map No. 20, Lot No. 52, in the Commercial Zoning District. The building is owned by Mr. Ray Boas, Ms. Barbara Kasper and Ms. Lynne Rollins-Kinnier. The business is owned by Ms. Kasper. The application was approved as complete.

Mr. Boas said that renovations to the building have changed from what was originally planned and brought the public up to date on what has already happened. He said they have spent about $30,000 on safety upgrades and renovations.

- To date the lighting in the parking lot has been reduced two-thirds.

- The topography and driveway will remain unchanged.

- The plan is to demolish the dilapidated porch and steps and plant grass where the steps were, thus adding five (5) feet to the set back from the road.

- The porch and steps were 59 square feet but the display area will now be 14 square feet less. It will include an emergency exit and possibly a couple of steps facing west, if needed.

- The windows will be knee high to shoulder height.

- The lighting on the inside will not be more than an ordinary living room and will go off when most living rooms in the village go off.

- The roof over the display area will be a gray standing metal seam roof to match the slate roof.

- The hours of operation during October will be 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays 10 a.m – 5 p.m.

- For the rest of the year, the shop is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 10-6, and Saturday from 10-2. It is closed (except for the odd appointment) on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Abutter, Mr. James Brunelle had a concern about the light on the top of the flag. He said the light shined into their living room so the American Legion discontinued using the light. Mr. Boas said the light at the top will be removed and the flag will be lighted from the bottom and will not spill upward beyond the flag. Mr. Brunelle seemed satisfied.

Ms. Carol Fabis of 15 Elm St. asked if it was customary to take a flag down on rainy days. Mr. Boas said that  if a flag was lighted then taking down the flag during rain was not necessary. 

Ms. Fabis acknowledged that she was not an architect but considered Walpole a quintessential New England village. She said that the display window is more in keeping with a mall where there is pedestrian traffic for window shoppers. The only pedestrians here are joggers and dog walkers, Ms. Fabis said.

Ms. Fabis said she would prefer for the display windows to be two over two mullion windows in keeping with the look of the neighborhood. She did, however, wish the owners of Costume Ladies well.

Abutter, Ms. Felicia Phillips said that the owners have made adjustments to their original plan and worked with the people who will be their neighbors. She applauded them for doing so. The Public Hearing was closed.

Public Hearing Results:

Public hearing No. 2: Subdivision: Mr. Aldrich made a motion to accept the subdivision as presented. Mr. Street seconded the motion and the board approved it, pending state approval of the test pits.

Public hearing No. 1: Site Plan Review: Mr. Street made a motion to accept the plan as presented. Mr. Aldrich seconded the motion and it was approved by the board.

New business:

Request for Public Hearing by Liberty Utilities on Farnum Road, a scenic road with two entries – County Road and Watkins Hill. Liberty Utilities wants to schedule routine maintenance and hazard tree removal.

Mr. Jeffrey Carney represented Liberty Utilities. He is a licensed forester and vegetation specialist. He has worked for utility companies in the area since 1989 – Granite State and National Grid. He will be working with two graduate student foresters. There are three customers on Farnum Road.

Mr. Carney said there is a lot of vine growth to be trimmed and a dead tree on the County Road side. Mr. Carney said the Watkins Hill end did not require as much work.

Under the current state statutes homeowners can refuse and restrict work done, but there are 300 rules on how and what to trim on trees with a power or distribution line. There are standard clearance rules for cutting distances from the trees to the power line on the sides, underneath and above the line.

Mr. Carney said there will be door hangers placed on each door explaining what Liberty Utilities is going to do. The owner has 45 days to decide or convey preferences to the Utility Company. If the homeowner does not return and/or replace the door hanger with specific instructions, it is considered by law a consent. 

Ms. Kelley Hicks made a motion to schedule a public hearing in November and Mr. Aldrich seconded the motion. The board agreed. 

More New Business:

Mr. Richard Drew, who has filed for a Lot Line Adjustment, was not at the meeting. Ms. Lorraine Pellegrino was on the agenda to find out if she needed a Site Plan Review to Change the Use of her husband’s dental office on Main Street into a two bedroom apartment. Both Mr. J. Miller and Mr. R. Miller said she did need a Site Plan. She was not at the meeting.

Water Protection

Mr. Mark Houghton, Walpole’s Water and Sewer Superintendent, introduced Ms. Jennifer Palmiotto, who went over the revisions to the Public Water System Ordinance in Walpole. Ms. Palmiiotto is executive director of Granite State Rural Water Supply.

Ms. Palmiotto gave a little background on the how the group came to be started. She said that in 2002 the Walpole selectmen suggested a regular study of the public water system. One well is located on Route 12 directly west from Shaw’s near the Connecticut River and the other is beyond Hooper Golf Course on Watkins Hill.  Since 2002, land around the wells has been purchased, a zoning ordinance was adopted and education about public water systems has been taught both in the local schools and at Hooper Institute.

In March 2004, a zoning ordinance was adopted and in 2008 amended. It is updated every three years.

The committee, which first met monthly beginning in May 2013, looked at N.H. Department of Environmental Services regulations and literature and met with DES personnel. They decided to focus on the wellhead area where contamination would be most likely to occur.

Southwest Regional Planning Commission looked at the committee’s final document and made some minor suggestions. The last meeting the committee held was on October 1 and they have finalized their document.

Ms. Palmiotto said the changes were mainly “wording” issues. For example, the word aquifer means that the water source can go on for miles. The term wellhead is much more specific to the area around the well.

Mr. Street asked if the mapping system Avatar sent was accurate enough. Mr. Houghton said it appeared to be.

Mr. J. Miller said that the Planning Board would be meeting to discuss the document at its October work session on October 28, 2014, and asked about maps.

The following is from a handout that Ms. Palmiotto gave to the board about the proposed revisions:

Definitions were moved from Section 8 to Section III and unnecessary terms were removed (e.g. stratified drift, stratified drift aquifer). In addition, definitions were added for some terms such as “impervious surface” and “junkyards”.

Section IV improves The overlay District description. Specific references are made to maps which have been officially adopted on a certain date.

In Section V Determination and Adjustment of the Boundaries of the district is better defined.

Section VIII adds a “Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan) for conditional uses that use regulated substances within the district (wellhead protection areas).

Section IX describes the review and approval process for all applications withing the District.

Section X spells out 14 prohibited uses. Commercial animal feed lots was removed from current ordinance. Four uses were added: K. concrete, asphalt and tar manufacturing; L. Fueling and maintenance of large earth moving equipment; M. Sewerage/wastewater treatment system; N. Hazardous waste facility.

Section XII adds a section on existing nonconforming uses.

Section XIII highlights exemptions (e.g. private residences, temporary storage of construction materials, sale transport and use of pesticides etc.)

Section XV describes the process for maintenance and inspection of performance standards.

The revised draft includes a table highlighting prohibited uses and conditional uses.


The meeting adjourned around 8 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

Tavern Night at the Academy – 10/18/14

Andrea Goins and Christie Winmill of the Walpole Historical Society want to invite you to our Annual Tavern Night at the Academy. Everyone is invited to enjoy a little “tavern fare,” visit with old and new friends, and have a chance to see some really amazing Colonial gravestone rubbings from here in Walpole and throughout New England.

It’s a great opportunity for an evening visit in the Academy.  This Saturday at 5:00 – 7:00…and it’s free!

School Board Meeting Minutes – 9/8/14



Fall Mountain Regional High School Library

Monday, September 8, 2014


Public Session

Board Chairperson, Mary Henry called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM in the Fall Mountain Regional High School Library. In attendance were, Andy Collins, Lil DeCoste, Gabe St. Pierre and Linda Christie. Also in attendance were Lori Landry and Jamie Teague.


Motion: (St. Pierre/Christie) to approve the minutes from Monday, August 18, 2014 Public Session. Passed unanimously.

Minutes: (St. Pierre/DeCoste) to approve the minutes from Monday, August 18, 2014 Non-Public Session. Passed unanimously.


Chair Henry recognized Major John Cenney who provided the board with a documentary, prepared by Ellen Kok of the JROTC recent trip to Normandy, Germany to participate in the 40th Anniversary D-day Parade.

The board thanked Major Cenney and Ellen Kok for the wonderful presentation and expressed what an honor it was that they were able to participate.

Ben Crawford, Teacher Representative provided the board with an update of the happenings throughout the district.

Sam Bisson of the North Country Driving School provided the board with a proposal to bring his course in house to reduce the cost of Driver’s Education to students. The board collaboratively decided that they were open to looking into the option further.

Superintendent Landry reported that the year is off to a good start. The staff PD day and benefits fair were successful and the rollout of the teacher evaluation model was well received. She reported that Sarah Porter is up and running with only a few minor things to be completed.

Ms. Landry stated that a meeting would be held on September 19th to discuss the CTE program and that she will have an update for the board at the next meeting.

Superintendent Landry invited the board to tour Whelan Industries on September 30th, offering a morning or afternoon tour.

A board workshop was scheduled for October 6th from 6-8PM. The board will meet with Joe Miller to discuss strategic planning and long-term goals.

Superintendent Landry also reported that Pre-K is off to a terrific start and that the new Math program is coming along. Paula Southard-Stevens, Principal commented that the principals should be commended on their selection of the committee members, that they are doing a great job. MS. Southard-Stevens also mentioned that there are plans to collaborate with Claremont on PD for Math in Focus in the future.

Ms. Landry commented that the high school leadership team presented an overview of the weeklong summer institute to the high school staff.

Jamie Teague updated the board on facilities progress throughout the district. She commended the staff on their hard work and long hours.

Gabe St. Pierre thanked Bill Botting for his hard work and the extra time that has been given to the many summer projects.


Gabe St. Pierre updated the board on the happenings at RVTC. He commended the grant writers for their work in getting new equipment, machines and culinary improvements.

Lil DeCoste mentioned again that Lynn Lyons would be coming back on September 24th to present “Worried About Your Worrier” to the community. This presentation is sponsored by the Title I funds. She also reported that 10 district teachers have enrolled in the advanced degree program and that Walpole will be hosting a 5K “Chickens on the Loose” on October 25th.


Motion: (St. Pierre/DeCoste) to approve the following Walpole overnight trips:

Grade 6 Connecticut River Canoe Trip-June 4-5th, 2015

Grade 7 Camp Takodah, Richmond, NH-September 16-19th, 2014

Grade 8 Kennebec River White Water Rafting, Caratunk, ME May 29-30th, 2015.

Passed unanimously.

Motion: (St. Pierre/DeCoste) to approve a Sunday event, Granite State Challenge Try-Outs November 16, 2014. Passed unanimously.

Motion: (DeCoste/St. Pierre) to accept a donation of 5 storage cabinets from Cheshire Medical Center to the FMRHS Athletic Department with a value of $2,381.00. Passed unanimously.

Motion: (Christie/DeCoste) to approve the transfer of Penny Spaulding, Paraprofessional from Vilas to Alstead Primary School. Passed unanimously.

The following motions were held for after non-public session:

Motion to approve conditional contracts for the following:

Donald Martin, Bus Driver

Ashley Flood, Custodian (NWS)

Elise Kraus, Permanent Sub Nurse (WAA) one-year position

Motion to approve the following co-curricular contracts:

Doug Ring, JV Football Coach (FMRHS)

Melinda Harrison, Choir and Madrigals Advisor (FMRHS)

Lillie LeBlanc, Piano Accompanist (FMRHS)

Patty Batchelder, Senior Class Co-Advisor (FMRHS)

Sandra Rumrill, Sophomore Class Co-Advisor (FMRHS)

Kelsey O’Kane, Sophomore Class Co-Advisor (FMRHS)

Kari Brodeur-Stevens, Lead Teacher (Sarah Porter)

Motion: (St. Pierre/DeCoste) to confirm a Superintendent approved contract for Arthur Lufkin, Transportation Secretary/Dispatcher. Passed unanimously.

Motion: (Collins/DeCoste) to approve the resignation of Karen Flynn, Bus Driver effective September 12, 2014. Passed unanimously.

Discussion held regarding the receipt of notification from the Fall Mountain Educational Support Staff Association to enter into master contract bargaining.

Motion: (St. Pierre/DeCoste) to approve GBEAB-Releasing Personal Employee Information for first reading. Passed unanimously.


Motion: (St. Pierre/Collins) to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented for period ending:


Accounts Payable:

Passed unanimously.

Gabe St. Pierre requested that the hire recommendation form be amended for easier reading.

Tom Ronning thanked Pinnacle View for the donation of an electric car for use during the school year to assist the Athletic Trainer in commuting between sporting events.

Jamie Teague announced that the FMEEA has hired the Fall Mountain Food Service to cater this year’s dinner auction.

Motion: (DeCoste/St. Pierre) to enter into non-public session. Passed unanimously.

After an affirmative roll call vote, the board entered non-public session at 8:30 PM under RSA 91-A:3 (a) (c) to discuss two personnel issues.

The board exited non-public session at 8:50 PM and resumed public session.

Motion: (Christie/St. Pierre) to approve conditional contracts for the following:

Donald Martin, Bus Driver

Ashley Flood, Custodian (NWS)

Elise Kraus, Permanent Sub Nurse (WAA) One year position

Passed unanimously.

Motion: (DeCoste/St. Pierre) to approve the following co-curricular contracts:

Doug Ring, JV Football Coach (FMRHS)

Melinda Harrison, Choir and Madrigals Advisor (FMRHS)

Lillie LeBlanc, Piano Accompanist (FMRHS)

Patty Batchelder, Senior Class Co-Advisor (FMRHS)

Sandra Rumrill, Sophomore Class Co-Advisor (FMRHS)

Kelsey O’Kane, Sophomore Class Co-Advisor (FMRHS)

Passed unanimously.

Motion: (St. Pierre/Christie) to approve a co-curricular contract for Kari Brodeur-Stevens, Lead Teacher, Sarah Porter.

Passed 3:1 (DeCoste)

Gabe St. Pierre requested that the board members meet alone to discuss a personnel matter.

Motion: (DeCoste/St. Pierre) to enter into non-public session. Passed unanimously.

After an affirmative roll call vote, the board entered non-public session at 8:57 PM under RSA 91-A:3 (a) to discuss a personnel issue.

The board exited non-public session at 9:35 PM and immediately adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Misty D. Bushee

School Board Clerk

Help Needed on Wednesdays

Perhaps you’ve never even thought about how annual book sale gets organized.  You just show up, buy your reading material for next year, go home and start reading!  While that is very important, there are hours of manual labor that occur months in advance of the big day.  How about donating a few hours to help sort the books that have been donated.  With lots of people on board, it can be fun! – Lil


The Friends of the Walpole Town Library’s Annual Book Sale will take place on October 24 – 26 at the Walpole School gym.
We are currently looking for help with sorting the many books that have been donated to the sale. It is all hands on deck time! If you can donate an hour or two of you time, we would really appreciate it! We will be at RN Johnson’s at the following times:  Wednesdays, Oct 15 and Oct 22 – 9 to 10:30 am & 3 to 4 pm.
Thank you!!
Friends of the Library

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