10th Annual Inn at Valley Farms Outdoor Movie Night – 8/2/14

I have to confess that, since my own children are close to Jacqueline’s age, I have never attended a movie night but it does sound like fun.  It just may be that the word “desserts” has struck a chord! – Lil

Join us for an evening of old-fashioned fun! Sit on hay bales (or bring your own blanket or chair) and watch great cinema projected inside our century-old barn surrounded by neighbors and friends!

7:00 p.m. Saturday, August 2nd ~ Rain or Shine

The fun begins at 7:00 p.m. when we gather for desserts and conversation. We’ll start the evening with classic cartoons and then @ 7:30 p.m. we’ll start this year’s feature film – UP! Disney-Pixar’s 2009 instant classic about a hilarious and heartfelt adventure of a 78 year old man pursuing his lifelong dream when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America. But, he discovers all too late that his biggest nightmare has stowed away on the trip: an overly optimistic eight-year-old Wilderness Explorer named Russell.

Popcorn, drinks and homemade cookies provided. Pot luck desserts encouraged. Free-will donations accepted.


The Inn at Valley Farms is located at 633 Wentworth Road in Walpole just 3 1/2 miles from the center of downtown Walpole and just past the back entrance to Alyson’s Orchard. Questions? Call 756-2855.

Darn those little birds!

Not sure if it is a question of geographical knowledge, poor listening skillls or bad information but please be advised that the small plate menu that starts this Friday at the Bellows Walpole Inn features flavors of Asia, not the Middle East.  Does that mean more rice and less curry?  :-)  Guess we have to wait and see. – Lil

Selectboard Meeting Minutes – 7/17/14

JULY 17, 2014

Selectboard Present: Chas Street (Chair); Steven Dalessio; (Absent: Whitney Aldrich)

CALL TO ORDER: Mr. Street called this meeting to order at 6:00 PM in the Walpole Town Hall with two people in attendance.
These are unapproved Minutes.


Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Accounts Payable check register and manifest for checks dated July 18, 2014, in the amount of $515,463.15. This includes a monthly payment to the Fall Mountain Regional School District in the amount of $460,493.39. Seconded by Mr. Street. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the payroll voucher for the week ending July 12, 2014, for checks dated July 18, 2014, in the amount of $24,118.44. Seconded by Mr. Street. With all in favor, the motion was approved.
Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the electronic transfer for the 941 Employer Taxes for Withholding, MEDI and FICA taxes in the amount of $5,297.28 for checks dated July 18, 2014. Seconded by Mr. Street. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

SELECTBOARD MEETING – July 10, 2014: Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Minutes of the Selectboard meeting of the July 10, 2014, meeting with the following amendment on page 4, under June Statements: add “That concerns may be the result of report timing and the Selectboard is looking into it”. Seconded by Mr. Street. With all in favor, the minutes were approved.

NON-PUBLIC SELECTBOARD SESSION – July 10, 2014: Mr. Dalessio moved to approve the Minutes of the Non-Public Selectboard Session of July 10, 2014, as submitted. The Minutes will remain sealed. Seconded by Mr. Street. With all in favor, the minutes were approved.

The Selectboard received and reviewed Minutes of the following meeting:
 Planning Board – July 8, 2014.

WEBB/LATHAM, March Hill, Map & Lot #009-043-000: Mr. Dalessio moved to approve Building Permit No. 2014-27 for William Webb and Tim & Shannon Latham to “Construct a 30’ x 24’ 1 Story Addition” at 380 March Hill Road, as submitted. Seconded by Mr. Street. With all in favor, the motion was approved.

METAL DETECT REQUEST: The Selectboard acknowledged receipt of an email from Ed Merrill to request permission to do metal detection on the Common. Following a discussion there was a consensus of the Selectboard to deny this request. Mrs. Clough was asked to respond to Mr. Merrill’s request.

WETLAND PROCEDURES RESPONSE: The Selectboard asked Mrs. Clough to forward a copy of their email that was received through their consultant to the Conservation Commission, Mrs. Alicia Flammia and Mr. Jack Franks. The DES is satisfied that the Avanru Development site is in compliance. If they have any further questions, contact the Selectboard.

Mrs. Clough’s Report: 1) Mrs. Clough advised that Mr. Ray Boas will attend the Selectboard meeting on July 31st. 2) Relative to the medical coverage – Mrs. Clough explained that this amount was put in monthly, as divided by twelve months, rather than put in weekly. The company bills the Town a month in advance; they pay by invoice date. The Auditors make adjustments. 3) The Auditors had submitted a few questions and Mrs. Clough will follow-up with them. As soon as that is done the Auditors will finalize the Audit. 4) Today the Department Heads met with Mrs. Clough. They are all on-board with what they should be doing. 5) Pool Supply Budget: Mrs. Clough advised that she went through that today and they are all set. Chemicals got posted to the wrong line. They did not hire as many youth this year as last year. 6) Library – Mr. Dalessio responded that this budget is okay.

Town Hall Repairs: Mrs. Clough contacted Mr. Rohr Cook from Cook Construction to tell him that the Selectboard accepted his quote and explained that he should submit a quote for siding on the back side. There are several different siding options and he will send in quotes with a recommendation on which one he feels would best suit the building. It has been seven years since the Town Hall was painted. Mr. Dalessio would like to have a quote on fixing the concrete on the Town Hall as a lot of it is chipping off.

Mr. Dalessio moved to recess this Selectboard meeting. The Selectboard will enter into a meeting as the Hooper Trustees. Seconded by Mr. Street. With all in favor, the motion was approved at 6:25 PM.
The regular Selectboard meeting resumed at 6:44 PM.

Mr. Dalessio moved to enter into a Non-Public Selectboard Session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II to discuss (a) Personnel. Mr. Street seconded the motion and, on a roll call vote with all in favor, the motion was approved at 6:45 PM.
The regular Selectboard meeting resumed at 7:03 PM. No announcements were made.

CEMETERY TOMBS: Mr. Dalessio recently took a look at the tombs in the cemetery and took another set of photos; they are deteriorating since he last looked at them. He suggested they email the Cemetery Trustees to ask where they stand on the tombs. Mrs. Clough understands the Trust is for up-keep of the cemetery. There are line items in the budget for cutting trees and cleaning tombstones. Mr. Street felt they would have to look at the guidelines of the Trust but feels some money could be used for capital expenses.

RECREATION TRUST: Mr. Dalessio mentioned that there is a Recreation Trust of about $5,000. It is going backwards due to the expense of maintaining the Trust. The Selectboard should encourage them to use a percentage of the total. Mrs. Clough will be meeting with the committee; they have things they would like to purchase. She will check with Mrs. Pschirrer on the terms of this Trust.

LIBRARY – HUBBARD TRUST: Mr. Dalessio mentioned that the Hubbard Trust for the Library is going in the negative direction. He felt the Selectboard should look into the terms as somebody should be providing guidance.

Mr. Dalessio moved to adjourn this meeting. Seconded by Mr. Street. With all in favor, the motion was approved at 7:14 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Regina Borden, Recording Secretary
Chas G. Street, Chair
Whitney R. Aldrich
Steven Dalessio
(Note: These are unapproved Minutes. Corrections, if necessary, will be found in the Minutes of the July 17, 2014, Selectboard meeting.)

Distant Hill Gardens – 8/2/14

This means another month has flown by.  So sad that it has to be summer ones. – Lil

Header With No Shadow

Open Garden and Tree ID Walk

I m Looking Through You

A Hummingbird Clearwing Moth feeding on a milkweed flower.

Distant Hill Gardens in Walpole will be hosting their monthly ‘Open Garden’ next Saturday, August 2 – 9am to 4pm.

There is lots to see and do at Distant Hill. You can check out the large raised-bed Vegetable Garden, or stroll along the paths winding through the beautiful Cultivated Gardens. Experience the boardwalk across the quaking Cranberry Bog with the kids, or let them spend some time exploring the nature play area we call ‘White-Rock Woods’. And don’t miss the fragrant field of Common Milkweed or the interesting thirty-foot diameter Stone Circle aligned with the setting sun on the winter solstice.

Welcome Home  2x3

Purple coneflowers, lots of daylillies, and dozens more plants will be in full bloom for the Open Garden on Saturday.

That same day, from 10am until noon, you can join us for a ‘Tree Identification Walk’. This easy to moderate walk will we led by Steve Roberge, forester with the Cheshire County Cooperative Extension.

With almost 30 species of trees native to Distant Hill, there is a good chance you may learn to identify a new species or two.

Basswood Leaves

Leaves of Basswood (Tilia americana) aka American Linden.

A partial list of trees you may see includes: American Elm, Basswood, Bigtooth Aspen, Bitternut Hickory, Black Ash, Hophornbeam, Quaking Aspen, and White Ash. Also growing on Distant Hill are Red Oak, White Oak, Black Oak, and White, Yellow, Black, and Gray Birch.


There is a suggested $5.00 donation which includes entry to the gardens and the Tree ID Walk. All proceeds will be put toward materials for the Accessible Trail already under construction at Distant Hill Gardens.


For directions and more information go to:

or call Michael at 603-756-4179

YMCA to Celebrate 50 Years of Summer Camp

In June of 1965 Meeting Waters YMCA ran its first summer camp on a loaned field in North Westminster. Fifty years later, the regional Y’s camps continue to play a vital role in keeping kids engaged and active in the summer while also providing working parents with day-long care. Over those years, more than 12,000 area children have now spent between one and eight weeks of their summer break developing new skills, forming new friendships and making lasting memories.

On Thursday, August 7th from 6-8pm, Meeting Waters YMCA is holding a celebration and reunion for campers, camp staff, volunteers and donors that have been part of the half-century of history, fun and impact. The event will be held at the Y’s Lewis Day Camp facility on Missing Link Road in Springfield, home of its camp programs since 1987.

“We are very proud of our 50 years of helping kids learn, grow and thrive in the summer months,” said Executive Director Steve Fortier. “It’s rewarding to reflect on the fact that we’ve been such an important and memorable part of so many young people’s experiences—well, when they were young. Some are not so young anymore!”

Fortier says he sees the August 7th event as having two main themes. “It’s an opportunity for campers and camp staff from over all the years to have a reunion of sorts. I hope a lot of connections are re-established.” He adds, “We also look forward to the opportunity to thank the many people—volunteers and donors—that got our camps off the ground in the 60s, those that helped us elevate our quality and impact by creating a beautiful, permanent home for our camp in the 80s, and those that have ensured that our camp has always been accessible to all children with their donations to our Reach Out to Youth Fund.” Fortier estimates that over the past 50 years, parents have benefited from around $1.25 million in financial assistance and subsidized services.

The committee that’s been working on the celebration has planned a theme of “A Day at Camp” which will involve camp activities from throughout the years. There will also be a brief ceremony with comments from former campers who are now parents of current campers as well as a couple of volunteers who played vital roles in developing camp. The evening will end with a campfire as has been the tradition at family nights over the 50 years.

The 50th celebration is free and open to the public. Fortier asks former campers and staff to help with outreach. “Unfortunately, our records before 1998 are not very good. We need help from others to spread the word about the event. If you’re still in touch with a friend from camp, please let them know about the celebration. It’s also listed within the ‘events’ tab on our Facebook page, so people can go there and share it on their wall or invite their friends that way.”

For more information, visit http://www.meetingwatersymca.org, Meeting Waters YMCA on facebook, or call the Y at their office nearest you—Brattleboro: 246-1036 or BF: 463-4769.

Meeting Waters YMCA is a charitable, social service organization founded in 1895. Its programs and services focus on youth development, healthy living, social responsibility and family strengthening throughout the Fall Mountain, Bellows Falls, Springfield and Brattleboro regions.



A Little Bird Told Me

The other night I heard the the Bellows Walpole Inn is changing up its menu as of August 1st.  It was described to me as food with a Middle Eastern flair.  No idea what that means. – Lil

It’s Not to Late

It’s not to late to register for the Vintage Golf Tournament.  The more people who participate, the more fun for everyone. – Lil

The Walpole Historical Society will hold it’s second annual Vintage Golf Tournament on Saturday, August 2,2014.  This will be played at the Hooper Golf Club in Walpole NH and tee time is 3pm.  Format will be a 9 hole scramble- You may sign up as a foursome or the pro, Ron Rosko, will set you up with others to make a foursome.   We will supply the old clubs and golf balls.  Prizes and picnic on the porch will follow with lots of great food, and elegant Walpole homemade desserts!!  * Wine and beer will be available but not included in the cost of registration/picnic.

All this for $50. Per golfer if walking – or $60. With a cart. * This includes the picnic.  Registration will be confirmed when payment is received.  For further information please contact Ron at Hooper Golf Club 603-756-4080 or emailronaldjrosko@pga.com.  * Let Ron know if left handed clubs are needed.

To partake of the Picnic on the Porch only, just call the Walpole Historical Society at 756-3449 and leave a message. Price for the picnic only is $20.  Registration deadline is July 27th.   Don’t miss this opportunity to experience golf as it once was.  This is to benefit the Walpole Historical Society.


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