Friends of Hooper Institute Annual Meeting – 4/26/16

Thank you Rebecca Sethi for letting us know about this.  I, for one, did not know about this.  It missed my “radar” I guess. – Lil


Join the Friends of Hooper Institute April 26 at 6:30 for the annual meeting. We will gather at the Institute to discuss our current projects and future dreams. You don’t need to be a member to attend and if you like what you hear, you are welcome to join. Members can be as active as they choose. The Friends of Hooper Institute was founded in 2014 to support and extend the work of the Hooper Institute in the community.

On Sunday, May 1st from 1-4, the Hooper Institute will be hosting an open house to celebrate spring and the successes of the past year. There will be a Maypole, May baskets to create and displays to learn about the Community Garden.

One thought on “Friends of Hooper Institute Annual Meeting – 4/26/16

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