Healthy Lifestyles Week at FMRHS – 5/22-5/26/17

On Monday, May 22 students will listen to Alex’s Story, a presentation by Plymouth State University, about a NH teen who was a heroin addict. Following Alex’s story there will be time to answer student’s questions.

Chris and Kathi Sullivan will be coming on Tuesday, May 23 to share “Taylor’s Message”. Kathi lost her daughter Taylor to a night of excessive binge drinking. Chris was a Patriot’s player who went to two Super Bowls. He will discuss his career and dealing with anxiety and depression along with his alcohol and drug use. They will be doing a presentation to the entire school and then an evening presentation at 6:30PM for parents and community members at Fall Mountain High School.

On Wednesday May 24th, we have a medical professional and poison control speaking to the students. They will discuss the effects of alcohol and drugs on the body, teen pregnancy, and other health topics.

Walpole’s Chief Paquette, a State Trooper, and a Sheriff will be presenting on Thursday, May 25th. Some topics they will discuss are distracted driving, dating violence, drugs and alcohol.

On Friday, May 26th we are having a field day and a cookout to promote physical activity and build camaraderie among the students.

Time will also be provided for students to continue healthy discussions with faculty and peers following the presentations. We would like to thank the Fall Mountain Endowment Association for helping to support this week.

Schedule of Presentations and Activities

May 22 Day 1

Alex’s Story Plymouth State University presentation – Funded by Fall Mountain Endowment Association

May 23 Day 2

Taylor’s Story – Kathi Sullivan & Chris Sullivan

May 24 Day 3

Medical Professional and Poison Control

May 25 Day 4

Police Officer Chief Paquette and Law Enforcement Officers

May 26 Day 5

Field Day – A day promoting physical activity and fun activities with friends.



NFL Patriot’s Player Chris Sullivan and Kathi Sullivan

Community Presentation May 23, 2017

Come to Fall Mountain Regional High School and meet a NFL Patriot’s Player! Chris and Kathi Sullivan will be doing an evening presentation for parents and community members to attend. Chris a Former Patriot’s player, who went to two Super Bowls, will talk about his career, anxiety, and drugs and alcohol use. Kathi Sullivan will talk about losing her daughter after a night of excess drinking. Please mark your calendars and join us at the high school at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. This event is FREE!

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