Revisions From Lucy

New or Updated COVID-19 Resources

Hi, everyone,

As the web pages and contacts for information about COVID-19 are updated, or changed, or moved, and new ones are appearing, I thought I would send along an update on current sources of information.

COVID-19:  The Disease and Your Health: NH Department of Health and Human Services site, updated daily—Latest statisitcs, progression of the disease in NH, current information on best practices (CDC has now suggested wearing a cloth mask in public, in addition to the existing social distancing guidelines) links to Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization, Governor’s Emergency Orders, and much more, updated daily:

NH Unemployment Security:  People have had great difficulty getting in touch with Unemployment Security.  They are currently processing as many applications in a week as they normally do in a year, so keep trying.  The web site capacity has been enhanced, so they are now recommending you start there, but if you have difficulty on the web site, call 271-7700, and keep trying.

NH Insurance Department:  COVID-19 Insurance Information:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Other questions, complaints, and claims reviews:

NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs:  BEC now has a comprehensive page with all kinds of links for businesses, but also unemployment information as well:

NH Small Business Development Corporation:  Small business recommendations in perhaps a more user-friendly format:

SBA Loans and Recovery Programs:  SBA Disaster Loan Applications:

NH SBA Office:  

Business and Industry Association:  The BIA now has a comprehensive COVID-19 page with links to all kinds of resources for employers/businesses.

~Rep. Lucy Weber

One thought on “Revisions From Lucy

  1. Frank McGaffigan 04/05/2020 at 12:04 PM Reply

    Thanks to Lucy and you too Lil! Sally


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