to everyone in Walpole NH:

In case you have forgotten or haven’t seen the Planning Board Agenda, this letter may refresh your memory. – Lil

Because of the potential business plans of Mr. Ruggiero, there have been a number of letters published with information supporting the negative impact to the ecosystem of Walpole and its waterways, as well as to the surrounding communities.
I write of personal concerns I imagine important to each of us.
Noise: we live here, in this bucolic town, for its peace.
Fresh air: aside from an occasional whiff carried on the summer breeze, produced by our 4-legged neighbors, we enjoy a sweetness of air.
Restfullness and peace: Our homes provide places, both indoors and out, where we enjoy family life uninterrupted by industrial noise, repellant smells, and stress about their attendant reduction to our property values.
I live on Blackjack Crossing directly north of Mr. Ruggiero’s property. Not only do I hear his trucks and peripheral machinery all day long, but I hear them from the front of my house, which faces Blackjack Crossing.
You might dismiss this letter as pertinent only to those of us within hearing, and then the potential smelling, of his operation. I urge you to also consider the precedent here, which could set the stage for inappropriate development in other places in town.
I do not argue against Mr. Ruggiero’s business aspirations. My contention is that Mr. Ruggiero’s Walpole property is inappropriate for the business venture he wants to pursue. Yes, it is an “industrial park.” It is , however, in the midst of a residential area. Perhaps the establishment of this “industrial park,” was made without expectation of a business that would have such far reaching geographic parameters.
I urge you all to consider our future with your most careful thought.
Thank you.
France Menk

2 thoughts on “to everyone in Walpole NH:

  1. France Menk 10/13/2015 at 1:03 PM Reply

    Thanks, Liz….i saw emphasis in my letter through large type. …not what I want. If that is your doing, please remove it, if it is the internet misbehaving, I re-direct the responsibility…hoho!!


    Let’s hope for the best tonight.

    Cheers France

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    We are ‘green.’ This email sent with recycled electrons

    • Lil 10/13/2015 at 1:17 PM Reply

      You need to blame the cyber genies. I didn’t edit a thing!

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