Zoning Board Meeting Agenda – 5/18/16

I made an ‘editorial decision” to not publish the junkyard ordinances that are mentioned here in the Agenda.  if you wish to have me do so, leave a comment and I can do it. – Lil

Agenda for Zoning Board of Adjustment

Wednesday,  May 18, 2016

Walpole Town Hall – 7:30 pm.


Roll Call: Appointment of alternates if needed

Minutes: Review minutes of April.

Old Business: Public Hearing:

            Variance for an Accessory Building, Article  XVII A and P. Map 9, Lot 33,       rural/agricultural district. Ms. Kashiyo Enokido wishes to build a detached accessory dwelling on her property at 192 March Hill Road that is a two car garage with one of the garage bays to be finished for an art studio.  Above this space would be one bedroom, living space and a bathroom.


            Public Hearing  Special Exception: Mr. Eric Frink of 131 Merriam Road, Map 3, Lot 54,       rural/agricultural district is requesting a special exception for a federal firearm license to sell rifles, shotguns and hand guns in his home.  Ordinance VIII, Part C.


Savings Bank of Walpole has found that there is some blockage of view of Ames sign, so is          waiting to decide what to do. They may be back again next month.


Continued work on matrix.


Junkyards – You should have copies now of all the samples that Myra gave me.


Site walk Thursday, May 12 at 3 pm. Please remember that during a site walk, you allowed to ask question, but are not allowed to discuss the answers or anything pertaining to the public hearing with another board member.


Next meeting Wednesday,  June 15, 2016


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