Please not these comments from Marilou that accompanied the mintes of the site walk.

” The Enokido public hearing will not be held Wednesday night because there will be a quorum of only four board members. Mr. Vose has recently resigned for health reasons and alternate Judy Trow, who will fill his position, will be out of town for a conference. The outcome could have be a hung jury. The Public Hearing will be held next month. Marilou

It’s a little like the Supreme Court situation. They too are at a stand still. Marilou ” – Lil

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Site Walk

Home of Kay Enokido

192 March Hill Road

Thursday, May 14, 2016

3:00 pm


Present: Zoning Board Members: Myra Mansouri, Jan Leclerc, Mary Therese Lester, Bob Anderson. Peggy Pschirrer selectboard. Secretary Marilou Blaine. Tom Crouse. Husband of Kay Enokido and Barry Bellows, builder.

Barry Bellows started by showing the proposed placement of the accessory building. It is below a fairly substantial concrete bridge that is over a stream, marked as a seasonal stream on the map, that flows from west to east. The building would fit into an embankment with a little bit of terracing of the land behind it. Planned is a two-bay garage with the right-hand bay being used as a studio. Above the garage would be a bedroom, bathroom and the rest living space.

The west side of the driveway and bridge would have the electrical that goes to a transformer. Sewage system goes from a corner of the house, under the bridge to a leach field that is half way down the driveway. There is a catch basin below where the accessory building. The new structure would tie into all these utilities. All the power will be shared with house. Mr. Bellows said he is not trying to make it an independent structure. It an auxiliary building.

French Road, a Class 6  road, abuts the property on the east. The Enokido property is 21 acres with 1400 linear feet of road. On the outside of the triangle of French Road is property owned by the town of Walpole.

There is a buried 500 gallon tank in the left-front section of the house, as you’re facing the house. The land on the west side is enough to get around the house for services such as mowing, getting to the well or fire equipment.

There is a berm to the west that was placed there after a severe rain storm caused the river to back up and breech its embankment and come about 3 or 4 feet up to the house. The berm is made of rock and dirt.

The east side of the house is the bedroom wing and west is the living section. It is single story with an extra story above the bedroom for an office.

So. the house sits on a kind of island, surrounded on three sides by two streams that merge at a point below the house and bridge on the west. The fourth side has the tall berm. The stream that flows in back of and on the west side of the house has a rather steep embankment to the water.

The driveway near the house is circular and goes around a large boulder that is the centerpiece for a rose garden. The driveway of the accessory building could be 30 feet by using a little land on the opposite of the driveway from the building.

There would additional room for parking below but adjacent to and on the same side as the accessory building. The driveway that leads you to the house is approximately 700 feet from the main road. The house and accessory building are not within view of any neighbors.


Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

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