Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes – 7/11/16

Minutes for the Regular Meeting of the

Walpole Conservation Commission

July 11, 2016


Present:  Tom Beaudry (Chair); John Peska, Lew Shelley, Kelli Wilson, Alicia Flammia, Jackie Kensen,

Joseph Aldrich (Selectboard Representative)

Alternates:     Elaine Heleen, Myra Mansouri, Gary Speed

Call To Order:  Mr. Beaudry, Chair, called this meeting to order at 7:30 PM in the Walpole Town Hall.

Seating of Alternates:  Since a full Board was present there was no need to seat alternate members.


Review and Approve Minutes:  Mr. Peska moved to accept the Minutes of the June 6, 2016, meeting with the following correction:  Mr. Palmiotto had requested that on page 1, under Fanny Mason Forest, “Antioch College” be changed to “Antioch University New England”.  Seconded by Mrs. Flammia.  With all in favor, the motion and amendment were approved.

  1. PETER RHOADES – Water Company Timber Harvest and Town Forests: Mr. Rhoades was unable to attend this meeting.

PUBLIC SESSION – Report From Chair:

Treasury / Budget:  Mr. Beaudry did not have the bank statements for the end of June.


Mr. Beaudry received the following correspondence:

  • Town and City magazine – July/August issue.


NH Route 12 RepairsMr. Peska attended this NH Department of Transportation meeting and reported that the time line is they are looking at soliciting bids in October and awarding a contract this November.  The start date will be in the spring of 2018.  There was lots of discussion relative to the revised plan.  They went with the low option as it is about half what the cost would be for the plan to move the railroad.  They opted for an armored retaining wall and steel enforced embankment with natural vegetation.  The Hydrologic Study has not been done so they do not know what the impact will be further downstream.  They looked at how the flow of the River will be impacted.  Almost 7,000 vehicles travel in both directions on that road daily.  The last major flooding was in 1996.  Some folks who live along the River clearly had concerns about the quality of their wells and erosion along those banks.  Mrs. Lucy Weber, State Representative, was there.  The DOT will have another Public Hearing prior to awarding the contract.  At that time Mr. Peska hopes they will have an opportunity to look at the Hydrologic Study.

Fanny Mason Forest:  There was nothing new on the Fanny Mason Forest.

Garland Lumber CompanyMr. Beaudry reported that the contract has been signed with Garland Lumber Company and the Town of Walpole.  He asked Mr. Aldrich if one of the signed contracts was returned to Garland.  He will check on it.  Mr. Beaudry has a signed copy.  Mr. Shelley had a question from the Monadnock Conservancy on where the Management Plan was; it is needed for the Easement.  Mr. Beaudry said Mr. Rhoades did a Management Plan.  Mr. Shelley told the Conservancy that nothing is happening now.  They would like to have a copy when the cut begins.




Current Use Change PaymentMr. Aldrich did not have an answer but he contacted the Department of Revenue Administration to verify if the transaction was done in the right manner.  As soon as he has a response from the DRA he will report to the Conservation Commission.

Up-date – TransCanada Dam Relicensing: Mr. Peska noted that on the sign-in roster at the DOT meeting on the Route 12 project that two TransCanada representatives were there.  He asked how far down the Hydrologic Study would go but they did not have an answer.  They did admit to doing the dredging in North Walpole last year.  Mr. Beaudry mentioned that TransCanada is coming out with their second survey on erosion on Friday.  TransCanada has a re-licensing web-site where they release information; it is involved.

Mason Forest – Clean-Up: Mr. Shelley suggested Saturday, July 30th.  They will meet at 10:00 AM and do the clean-up until about Noon.  He will send out two reminders to the members.  (Mr. Watson came into the meeting but he has not yet taken the Oath of Office). 



NH Association of Conservation Commissions:  Mr. Beaudry received a booklet from the NH Association of Conservation Commissions that he passed around.  There is an article on invasive plant species.  It looks at projects done in all sections of the State.  We do pay dues to them.

Antioch University New England:  Mr. Beaudry has not heard from the student who did the study in the Fanny Mason Forest.

Natural Resources Advisory CommitteeMrs. Flammia attended the most recent meeting as she took over Mr. Palmiotto’s seat.  There was a presentation from a member of the US Fish and Game out of Amherst, Mass.  They have a program called “Connect the Connecticut”; she passed around the booklet entitled “Connect The Connecticut – A Roadmap for Conserving the Connecticut River Watershed for Future Generations”.  This is a landscape co-op group with a shared vision.  Twenty organizations are a part of this group.  They want to restore aquatic productivity and look at areas that are right for conservation and stewardship. Their first report came out in June; “” has all the documents and information. Mr. Beaudry expressed his concern with the Wildlife Refuge; the land will no longer be used for agriculture as they take out that use.



Reservoir DamMr. Peska and Mr. Mark Houghton have not heard from the Department of Environmental Services (DES).  Mr. Peska will be happy to attend the inspection with Mr. Houghton when they receive notification of the date from the DES.

Merriam Farm PropertyMr. Shelley had a visit with the new owner of the Merriam Farm property.  They discussed putting an Easement on some of the property.

Hooper Golf CourseMr. Speed discussed the CC pond by the Hooper Golf Course as it appears the golf course side of the pond is not going down as fast as the CC part.  In the past members of the golf course asked for permission to use some of that CC pond water but recently they have not done so.  Mr. Peska does not want the Fire Department to run low as they use the CC pond to pump water.  The Community Garden is no longer taking water from the pond.  Mr. Beaudry explained that Cranberry Meadow is on the other side of the CC pond.  The new folks running the golf course might just be turning on the water and not realize where it is coming from.  The lower water level will have an impact on the pond vegetation.  Mr. Beaudry will talk to Mr. Joe Goodhue about this.


Next Meeting:  The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 1st, 2016, at 7:30 PM.



Mr. Peska moved to adjourn this meeting.  Seconded by Mrs. Flammia.  With all in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 8:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Regina Borden, Recording Secretary

(Note:  These are unapproved Minutes.  Any corrections will be found in the Minutes of the August 01, 2016, Conservation Commission meeting.)

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