Planning Board Workshop Minutes – 10/25/16

Walpole Planning Board

 Workshop Minutes

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Town Hall

7 pm


Present: Chair Jeff Miller, Vice-Chair Robert Miller, James Aldrich, secretary,Jason Perron, Dennis Marcom, Jeff White,   Absent: Steve Dalessio (Selectboard Representative),  Alternates: Joanna Andros, Ed Potter..

The meeting was held to discuss Draft 6 of a petition on Detached Accessory Dwelling Units.


The process will be the following:

There will be a Public Hearing at the regular November Planning Board meeting (November 8, 2016) to discuss changes to the petition, which is now Draft 6. If there are changes to Draft 6, another Public Hearing will be held at the Planning Board’s regularly scheduled meeting in December. If the Draft 6 is approved as written, it will be placed on the March warrant to be voted on by townspeople.

Most of the discussion focused on the items under No. 1 – lot size and dwelling size. The draft suggests a minimum of five (5) acres and the maximum area of the dwelling of 900 square feet. Should the lot size be smaller and the dwelling size larger?

Mr Marcom will combine Items No. 3 and 5.

There were two typos: In 1 A – there should be the word “an” before ADU; In No. 3 the word is “to” not too.

The next meeting will be held on November 8, Election Day, so the Planning Board will meet upstairs. Copies of Draft 6 will be on the counter outside the Selectboard’s office and in The Walpolean.


Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

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