Planning Board Workshop – 11/22/16

Walpole Planning Board

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Workshop Meeting

7:00 pm

Present:  Chair Jeff Miller, Vice-Chair Robert Miller, Secretary James Aldrich, Jason Perron, Dennis Marcom, Jeff White. Alternate: Joanna Andros.

Absent: Steve Dalessio. Alternate: Edward Potter.


The discussion focused on the outcome of November’s Public Hearing on the Petition about Detached Accessory Housing Units to be presented to warrant at the annual 2017 Town Meeting. These were the items about which residents had the most concern. Here is what the Board decided.
Mr. Dalessio would add something at the beginning of the petition about Attached Accessory dwellings.

The word minimum should be written out.

The Board decided a one-acre lot was not large enough. Instead, the Board decided to double the size of the lot for each of the Zoning Districts.

A. No change in frontage or setbacks shall be required for a DADU, however, the minimum lot size for any given Zoning District shall be the following:

1.) Residential District Type A – minimum lot area shall be 80,000 square feet:
2. Residential District Type B – minimum lot area shall be 50,000 square feet.
3.) Rural/Agricultural  – minimum lot area shall be 80,000 square feet
4.)Timberland – not permitted

A provision E. was added to No. 1.

E. Occupancy will be limited to two (2) unrelated individuals..

Add “Not to exceed one year” to the final No. 8 stipulation.

Mr J. Miller didn’t think there should be anything added about snowbirds. He felt the description of the rules for a resident  (A resident is a resident if he’s a registered voter etc.) covered a person being away from his/her residence for a period of time.

The petition must be posted in two places by December 2.  There will be another Public Hearing on the Petition on Tuesday, December 12, 2016 for further discussion of the language of the petition. If there is no significant change, it will be placed on the warrant as written and with the above changes.


Southwest Regional Planning Commission

 Mari Brunner of the SRPC came to start a monthly discussion about the streets of Walpole and analyze their uses and how they might be changed or be improved. Considerations include flexibility, costs, maintenance, implementation steps and performance measures. Residents who are interested in this project may join in the monthly discussions, which begin Tuesday, January 24, 2017, in the basement conference room in the Town Hall.

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