Planning Board Agrenda – 12/13/16



Tuesday, December 13, 2016

                        7 pm                           


Roll Call – Appointment of alternates if needed

Minutes – Review minutes of the November meeting and November workshop meeting.


Old Business:

Public Hearing No. 1

Subdivision for Woodstone Co., 1162 Main St., North Walpole, Industrial District., owners are J. Barton Elliott Jr. and H. Jay Eshelman 3rd. One lot into two lots. Map 27, Lot 8-2. Lot 1 would be 3.11 acres with 267.66 feet road frontage. Lot 2 would be 3.89 acres with 218.06 feet road frontage.


Public Hearing No. 2

Continuation of discussion of a petition to create a zoning ordinance for Detached Accessory Dwelling Units. Possible vote to place the petition on the March 2017 warrant.


Informational meeting:  Tindell Haskell of Stowell Lane, off of Old Drewsville Road, has some questions about abutting property on the west side of the road. The land is currently in current use, but there is a possibility of a home being placed on the property. Naturally, the property would have to be taken out of current use, but her questions were about the road, which she and her husband have been maintaining, a possible nearby conservation area, and drainage which often washes out an area nearby. The road may be class 6.


Next meeting Tuesday, January 10,  2016.


Cc: PB, Town Offices, Walpolean.

Minutes posted: Town Hall Lobby, Outside bulletin board of Walpole Grocery, Walpole


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