Planning Board Meeting Minutes – 4/11/17

Town Of Walpole

Planning Board Meeting

April 11, 2017

7 pm


Presiding: Jeffrey Miller, (Chair), Robert Miller (Vice-Chair), James Aldrich, (Secretary), Dennis Marcom, Jeff White, Jason Perron, Cheryl Mayberry (Selectboard Representative).

Also at the meeting were Mari Brunner and Liz Kelly, planning technicians from Southwest Region Planning Commission (SWRPC). They were here to work on the Complete Streets project with the Board.

Recording: Marilou Blaine, Recording Secretary. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the May meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions.

Meeting Opened: Mr. J. Miller called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

Roll Call: A full Board was present.


Election of Officers: Mr. R. Miller made a motion to nominate Mr. J. Miller for chair. Mr. Aldrich made a motion to nominate Mr. R. Miller for Vice-Chair. The Board unanimously approved these nominations.


New Business: Mascoma Savings Bank, Map 20, Lot 47. Mr. David Laurin, an architect, and Mr. Glen Valentine, representing the bank, were at the meeting to talk about changes to the current drive-thru. Changes made to the current Drive-Thru will alleviate traffic backing up extending out into Main Street, which sometimes happens when cars are waiting to go through the current Drive-Thru.

Mr. Laurin requested a Public Hearing for next month, May.

There will be three lanes added. One will be for an automated tube-type teller, one for an ATM and one for a bypass lane. The space between the lanes and Jakes will be green space. The land for the three lanes is in the back of the bank. The bank purchased the property from the Walpole Foundation. The lanes are wide enough for easy snow removal in the winter and the islands between the lanes will have removable flower boxes in the summertime. The dumpster will now be a common dumpster and used by abutting businesses. The setbacks are all 20 plus feet.

The bank also wants to extend the porch in the front of the building, not just over the entry. It will be the width of the building. Mr. Laurin said that this is in keeping with the general architecture of the town. The porch does not meet the 65-foot setback from the center of the road, but it is grandfathered.

Mr. Valentine said that the Walpole Foundation is a co-applicant.

Mr. J. Miller said that there is no reason for anyone from the Foundation to appear at the Public Hearing. He told Mr. Valentine a letter from the Foundation stating their involvement would be sufficient.

A Board member made a motion to hold a Public Hearing for Mascoma in May. The motion was seconded and approved by the rest of the Board.


George Graves Revocable Trust Gravel pit: Mr. Patricia Rodrigues and Mr. John Corduff gave a letter to the Board complaining that on April 10, 2017 the Graves Gravel Pit was operating between the hours of 9 pm and 3 am the next morning.

Ms. Rodrigues wrote, “Gravel trucks not belonging to Graves Trucking, Inc. made approx. 20 passes by our home between these hours, particularly rattling when they crossed the pave/not-paved section of the road in front of our home, keeping us awake and disturbing our ability to enjoy the quiet enjoyment of our property, which homeowners expect during those hours of the day.”

Mr. J. Miller told Ms. Rodrigues that gravel pits were under the responsibility of the Zoning Board and that she had to go to the Zoning Board and bring up this grievance.  Ms. Rodrigues responded that she had been to the Zoning Board in October, November, December and January and not gotten anywhere.

Mr. J. Miller said there was nothing the Planning Board could do. She should go to the Zoning Board, and/or the Selectboard or take it to a lawyer. Ms. Rodrigues said that financial restraints prevented them from doing that.


Complete Streets Project: Mari Brunner and Liz Kelly – Board members had a copy of Draft 2 of the town’s Complete Streets Policy. Mr. Marcom made one correction to Draft 2. On page 2, section (iv) the word “because” was changed to “when.” The Board agreed that the rest of the draft was okay.

Ms. Kelly said she will bring Draft 3 to the Workshop Meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month and the Board can make a final decision on the policy.

Also, Ms. Kelly gave out new maps showing the villages of all three Walpole districts: Walpole, North Walpole and Drewsville.


Demonstration Spot – The Board decided that Old Home Days weekend would be a perfect time to try out a demonstration in Walpole. The question was where should it be.

Mr. Aldrich said that when he was a youngster and walked to school there used to be a crosswalk from High Street to the other side of Main Street, where the Mascoma Bank is now.  Some of the Board felt this might be a good demonstration spot.

Ms. Kelly said she would bring an aerial view of downtown Walpole to the workshop meeting and then the Board could decide on a final place to put the demonstration.


Public Hearing –Before the Complete Streets policy is signed, there needs to be a Public Hearing on the policy and it was tentatively set for the May meeting. This will be determined at the workshop meeting on the Tuesday, April 25 workshop meeting.


Rack It Up – This is a free bike rack program from SWRPC for municipalities involved with the Complete Streets Project. The following bike racks will be placed at:


1 – Drewsville Common

2 – North Walpole – Park and Library

2 – Walpole Common

1 – Walpole Library

1 – Walpole Pool

2 – Savings Bank of Walpole

1 – Walpole Creamery

1 – Abenaki Springs Apartments


The next step is to choose the type of mount for each rack.


Solar: Everyone agreed that the Hollis ordinance on solar was good reading. It was for informational purposes only. Next month, engineers from Revision Energy in Brentwood, NH will be here to explain the solar project to be installed in the rear of the Chamberlain Machine building on Route 12.


Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

Recording Secretary


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