Zoning Board Meeting Minutes – 5/17/17

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Town Hall –  Walpole, NH

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

7:30 pm



Present: Board Members: Chair Myra Mansouri, Vice-Chair Jan Galloway-Leclerc, Mary Therese Lester, Tom Murray.  Alternates: Ernie Vose and Pauline Barnes. Absent: Judy Trow.

Recording: Marilou Blaine. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the June 2017 meeting for corrections, additions or omissions.

Roll Call: Ms. Mansouri called the meeting to order at 7:31 pm. One Board member was absent so Mr. Vose was asked to fill in. Mr. Vose recused himself because he was going on a trip to a Mascoma-sponsored tour of Alaska next week. Ms. Barnes agreed to fill Ms. Trow’s seat.

Minutes: There were a couple of typos and sentence structure corrections. Ms. Lester made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Mr. Murray seconded the motion and it was approved by the Board.


New Business:

Chris Whiton, 128 Valley Road, home business, growing herbs and them selling them to the wholesale market.

Ms. Whiton did not come to the meeting.


Mascoma Savings Bank – Signage – new sign for the Drive-thru is within 100 feet of a sign on the north side of the building, near the existing canopy.

Mr. Craig Moore represented Barlo Signs of Hudson, NH. He requested a Special Exception for a sign for Mascoma Bank. Mr. Moore brought some copies of the sign and said it will be on the canopy of the drive-thru.

Article 4 Section 6 in the Commercial and Industrial Districts of the Walpole Zoning Ordinance states that

“Signs shall be permitted no larger than thirty-two (32) square feet. Signs shall be placed not less than sixty (60) feet from the edge of the traveled roadway and not less than one hundred (100) feet from another sign.  Construction signs shall not exceed the allowed size in this district.”

Any change from this ordinance requires a Special Exception.

Ms. Barnes asked if the canopy means the roof of the drive-thru. Mr. Moore answered “yes”.

Mr. Murray asked about where it would be. Mr. Moore said it will be attached to the peak of the building. There is nothing that would be hanging down or projecting out.

Mr. Vose asked if all the other signs on the building were going to stay where they are. The answer was yes.

The sign will read Mascoma Savings Bank, in three-dimensional letters, with the word Mascoma being 12 inches high and larger than the other letters in the rest of the sign. It will be centered on the peak of the drive-thru canopy and facing drivers as they enter one of the two lanes. One lane will be for an ATM and the other a tube-type conveyance that goes to a teller. The sign will be LED edge-back lit. It will glow, Mr. Moore said.

Ms. Mansouri asked if the light would be a distraction. Mr. Moore said no. It really isn’t very large or bright, just a back glow. You can see it better at night. Ms. Barnes asked about disturbing a neighbor at night. “It isn’t shining in anybody eyes when they’re going to sleep?” she asked. The sign faces toward the Edward Jones building next door.

There was some confusion where the drive-thru lanes were but Mrs. Lynn Kimball was in the audience and had a schematic of the location and the matter was cleared up. The new drive-thru is at the corner of the building towards the back. Cars may exit on either on Westminster Street or go north toward an exit on lower Main Street. The total square feet of the sign is 12.5 feet.

Mr. Robert Kimball said there was a similar sign on the front of the building and it’s minuscule.

Mr. Vose had a question about whether or not the sign was 100 feet from another sign.  There is a sign on the north side of the building, just past the present canopy.

Mr. Murray made a motion to have the Public Hearing at the regular June meeting. Ms. Lester seconded the motion and the Board approved the motion.


Mr. Robert Kimball was at the meeting to ask for a Special Exception to have his Certified Public Accountant business at 311 Main St, the former home of Jim and Joanne Smith.

Mr. Vose said if the business is in residential B zoning, Mr. Kimball doesn’t need a Special Exception.

Zoning Ordinance  for Residential A and B Uses states:

“Residences may be used to house such customary uses by the owner or tenant as offices for doctors, lawyers, real estate and insurance, or other recognized professions, or such home occupations as hair dressing or dress-making, except that the number of persons employed at any one location shall not number more than two persons in addition to the owner or tenant. Adequate off-street parking shall be provided on the premises.”

Mr. Kimball then asked permission to have two signs on the property. One sign would be attached to the peak of the garage on the side that is facing north. It would be the same sign he currently has at his business on Main Street. That sign is 96 inches by 20 inches and says ROBERT KIMBALL PC all in capital letters and in smaller capital letters below it CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT.

A second free-standing sign would be placed somewhere on the property, perhaps near the driveway. The sign is 24 inches by 36 inches and hangs between two granite posts. It says Robert Kimball PC., 311 Main St., Certified Public Accountant.

Article IV states that signs in the Residential District:

“Signs shall be permitted no larger than six (6) square feet in the Residential District.  Property owners or tenants in the Residential District with business, professional, or other service enterprises shall be allowed one advertising sign on the premises relating to the use or uses conducted in the building. One sign of the same size will be allowed with the name and address of the contractors of the structure during the active construction period or a sign pertaining to the lease, sale or use of the lot or building on which it is placed.  Construction signs shall not exceed the allowed size in this district.”

“Free-standing signs shall be located no closer than ten (10) feet from a front, side or rear lot line. A free-standing sign shall not exceed ten (10) feet in height.”

Because the signs would be within 100 feet of one another, Mr. Kimball needed a Public Hearing for a Special Exception.

Ms. Leclerc made a motion to have a Public Hearing for a Special Exception for signage for Mr. Kimball at the next meeting in June. Ms. Lester seconded the motion and the Board approved the motion.


Old Business:

Bylaws – The Board suggested a few changes to the bylaws and the secretary will make the corrections and bring a new copy of the bylaws to the next meeting.


DADU petitionMs. Mansouri distributed a copy of the final version of SB 146, which is the NH House version of the requirements for detached accessory dwelling units. Between this meeting and the next one, the Board is to compare this version with the version that passed by vote on the warrant in March 2017.

Mr. Murray asked if one of the units had to be owned by a Walpole resident. The answer was yes. Ms. Barnes referred to No. 7  “The owner of the property shall occupy either the principal dwelling unit or the detached accessory dwelling unit as their “Principal Place of Residence.”


Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

ZBA Secretary

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