Planning Board Meeting Minutes – 8/8/17

Town of Walpole

Planning Board Minutes

August 8, 2017

7 pm



Presiding: Jeff Miller, Chair, Robert Miller, Vice-Chair, James Aldrich, Secretary, Jeff White. Alternates: Ed Potter and Joanna Andros. Cheryl Mayberry, Selectboard Representative. Absent: Board members Jeff Miller, Chair, Dennis Marcom, Jason Perron.

Recording: Marilou Blaine, Recording Secretary. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the September meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions

Meeting Opened: Mr. R. Miller called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

Roll Call: Because a couple of Board members were absent, alternates Mr. Potter and Ms. Andros were needed to fill in.

Minutes: Mr. Aldrich made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular Planning Board’s July meeting, as well as the July workshop meeting, as written. The motion was seconded  and approved by the Board.


New Business:

Yohbel Brosseau, manager Commonwealth Construction in North Walpole.

Mr. R. Miller said that the Board asked him to appear because some Board members had noticed changes at the North Walpole site that were not originally proposed in 2015 when the Planning Board approved his site plan. There is a second new building going up in back, and a new building has replaced the one that was going to be used as a warehouse. There is no record nor did Mr. R. Miller recall Mr. Brosseau ever coming back to the Planning Board to modify his original proposal. Mr. R. Miller asked if he would like to explain what has happened on the site.

Mr. Brosseau said that when they investigated the original structure for the warehouse, he realized they couldn’t proceed with the construction and that that building couldn’t really serve its original purpose. So, he said, the decision was made to take that down and putting up a building that has a similar footprint for the same exact purpose for which it was proposed.

Mr. R. Miller said what should have happened is that he should have come back to the Board and told them of his new plans to modify the proposed plans. He read from the Walpole Site Plan regulations, Section VI Procedures, Part C.

“If at any time before or during the construction of the Site Plan, unforeseen conditions make it necessary or desirable for the applicant to modify the location or design of any of the required work or previously submitted plans, the Planning Board may, after a duly noticed Public Hearing with notice to abuttters and general public, authorize such modifications providing such modifications comply with all regulations and requirements of the Site Plan Review Regulation.”

Technically, Mr. R. Miller said, that should have happened on your end. You should have come back to the Board.

Ms. Mayberry asked what Mr. Brosseau should do now. Is the Board requesting a revised site plan to show the changes that have been made?  She asked.

Mr. Miller said that would be appropriate.

Ms. Mayberry said that means any changes that vary or deviate from the original request should be noted in the revised site plan application. Mr. Aldrich noted that It would require a Public Hearing. Mr. Aldrich made a motion to set up a public hearing for next month. It was seconded and approved.


Doug Palmer – storage facility project on commercial land behind Ocean State Job Lot in Ames Plaza requested information on how to proceed.

Mr. Palmer said he was interested in purchasing property next to his current business to put in storage units. He didn’t own the property but before he purchased the property he wanted to know if the plan was possible. The land is owned by William Carmody.

Mr. R. Miller said his thoughts were that the project wasn’t listed under permitted uses for a commercial zone, it would need a special exception from the Zoning Board.

Mr. R. Miller read from the Uses Permitted in a Commercial Zone from the Walpole Zoning Ordinances, Article VI, B.

  1. Any use permitted in Residential District Type B under the same provisions as apply to residences in said district.
  2. Lodging houses, hotels, motels, inn and tourist cabins including such retail businesses within these building as is conducted for the convenience of the guest herein.
  3. Shops, restaurants and other retail buildings not exceeding 40,000 square feet in gross floor area.
  4. Theaters, halls, clubs and amusement centers.
  5. Greenhouse and florist shops.
  6. Undertaking establishments.
  7. Business and professional offices and banks.
  8. Multi-family dwellings subject to the following conditions.

Mr. Palmer asked what was the proper procedure. Mr. R. Miller said to meet with the Zoning Board.

Some one asked where the land was. Mr. Palmer next to his shop on Upper Walpole Road – an email business that sells sports equipment – that located at the rear entrance to Ames Plaza. The property in question adjoins his land.

Mr.  Miller said once you purchase property, not less 30 percent of the total parcel must be in green space. The Board would also like to see some prints of your proposal, in color if possible. Mr. Palmer asked if two-scale drawings with pictures of the storage unit in color would be admissible. Mr. Miller said yes.

Mr. Aldrich asked how many storage units he intended to have. Mr. Palmer said between 35 and 40 units.

Mr. Miller wanted to know the size of the parcel of land. Mr. Carmody said .6 acres. Mr. Miller said when he came back he should also have plans for lights, a landscape plan, and any control of water roll off, considering it is on a hill.

Ms. Myra Mansouri, chair of the Zoning Board, said since he doesn’t own the property, the property owner has to come to the Zoning Board to get a Special Exception. Mr. Palmer asked if the Special Exception would transfer to the owner. Ms. Mansouri said yes. Mr. Palmer asked to be put on the ZBA agenda.


Mr. Jed West, representing Bernardo Associates, requested a Public Hearing next month for a lot line adjustment for Glenn Madden to sell 10 acres to Trebor properties in the rural/agricultural zone.

Mr. Aldrich made a motion to hold the hearing in September. The motion was seconded by Mr. Potter and the Board approved the motion.


Complete Streets Workshop. Some suggestions to be sent to the Selectboard for review and comment. Which suggestions do you want to keep? Would you like to meet with the Selectboard or have them comment on each suggestion?

Mr. Miller suggested this topic be postponed until next month because not all of the notes were present.

The notes were a combination of suggestions at the July Workshop and ones that Ms. Mari Brunner of Southwest Community Planning Commission put together from the various workshop held since January. Ms. Mayberry was also waiting for another document about streets in rural areas from Ms. Brunner.

Mr. Ray Boas asked if there will be a chance for the public to have input. Mr. Miller said yes. He added that there have been many, many workshops on the subject.


Mr. Aldrich made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Potter seconded the motion and it was approved by the Board.


Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

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