Planning Board Workshop Meeting Minutes – 10/24/17

Walpole Planning Board

Workshop Minutes

October 24, 2017

7 pm


Present: Jeff Miller, chair, Robert Miller, vice chair, James Aldrich, secretary, Dennis Marcom, Jason Perron, Jeff White, Joanna Andros, Cheryl Mayberry, Selectboard representative.


Participants at the monthly workshop discussed possible questions Board members should ask the town attorney, Jeremy Hockensmith, if and when he meets with the Planning Board. No specific date has been set.

Mr. J. Miller said he intends to ask about the Planning Board’s jurisdiction. He said Board members are elected to be responsive to butters and residents’ concerns. This includes matters of the environment, and things that would affect residents’ quality of life such as noise and lighting. Mr. Miller said, “We (the Planning Board) should be able to have some sort of impact even though there are state regulations.”

Mr. R. Miller said it has been stated that the town has no authority when it comes to the expansion and change of use of a waste facility that gets a permit from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and complies with DES regulations. In a letter sent to the Planning Board from Cordell Johnston, Government Affairs Counsel for the NH Municipal Association, Mr. Johnston wrote that he “strongly disagreed” with this view.

Mr. R. Miller also said that an RSA requires DES to hold a public hearing on matters of interest to townspeople such as taking in MSW, household waste, at a facility in Walpole. He was wondering where and when it was posted because no one on the Planning Board seemed to know anything about the hearing.

Mr. Marcom suggested the Board ask Mr. Hockensmith if the Board missed anything and what could it have done better.

Mr. Perron wondered if the ordinance on the warrant that passed in March 2016 about disposal of waste would be scraped. And he wondered what would happen now.


Very truly yours,

Marilou Blaine


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