Planning Board Agenda – 11/14/17



Tuesday, November 14, 2017

                        7 pm                           


Roll Call – Appointment of alternates if needed.


Minutes – Review minutes of the October meeting and workshop.


Correction to regular minutes: Motion by Dennis Marcom to the Public Hearing on Complete Streets should say, “At its workshop session on September 26, Board members who were present okayed several recommendations for Complete Streets as well as the policy presented after July. The recommendations should be given to the Selectboard. Mr. Marcom made a motion and it was seconded by Mr. R. Miller. There will be a Public Hearing in November for the public to weigh in on these recommendations.”


Old Business:


Public Hearing: No 1. Liberty Utilities. Cutting on scenic road. Farnum Road. Jeff Carney spokesperson.


Public Hearing No. 2. Public Hearing on amendments to Detached Accessory Dwelling Units to be put on march 2018 warrant. Recommended or not recommended.


New Business: Request for a Public Hearing. Bensonwood – small addition to a building.



No workshops in November or December.


Next regular meeting Tuesday, December 12, 2017




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