Library Trustees Meeting Minutes – 4/11/23

Present:  Amy Howard (Chair), Kathy Nerrie (Treasurer), Gail LaHaise, Susan Johnson, Bill Ranauro, Tim Lester, Sarah Mann, Erin Bowen, Jean Kobeski (Recording Secretary), Jane Malmberg (Library Director), Peggy Pschirrer (Selectboard Liaison)

Visitor:  Leslie Kanerva

Amy called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. in the North Walpole branch.  This meeting was recorded. Amy welcomed Leslie Kanerva to the meeting.

Approval of Minutes:  Gail made a motion to accept the March 21, 2023, minutes as written. Tim seconded, and all voted in favor.  Motion carried.

Election of Officers:  Gail nominated Amy for Chair of the Board of Trustees.  Erin seconded, and all voted in favor.  Amy will continue as Chair of the Board.

Amy nominated Jean for Secretary of the Board.  Gail seconded, and all voted in favor.  Jean will remain as Secretary of the Board.

Gail nominated Kathy for Treasurer of the Board.  Amy seconded, and all voted in favor.  Kathy continues as Treasurer of the Board.

Kathy pointed out that sometimes (depending upon direction from the Secretary of State) names of candidates appear on the ballot in the order of registration. She recommended that incumbents in the future register as soon as registration for library trustee opens.

Treasurers Report:  Kathy emailed a copy of the Treasurer’s Report to the Board prior to the meeting.  She reported that all is running smoothly, as expected.

Bills: Jane emailed a copy of the bills to the Board prior to the meeting.  She reported that she and Kathy got a Debit Master Card at the Savings Bank of Walpole, with Kathy and her as co-signers.  At the meeting it was decided to add Amy as a co-signer.  Kathy will take care of that.

Amy moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Bills, and Gail seconded.  The Board voted to accept the reports.

Old Business

Canvas Tote Bags:  Amy showed a picture of what the L.L. Bean tote bags will look like.  She said she would send an email to the board members to place orders.  Leslie asked if the public could purchase these bags.  Amy explained that a different bag will be made available to patrons by donation.  Gail moved to approve funds for the purchase of the canvas totes;  Tim seconded, and all voted to approve.

Chimney:  Jane emailed photos of the choices Don Newcomb has for the exterior of the chimney.  The Board agreed that stone is the best choice because it will look much like the current chimney.  Newcomb will take the chimney down below the roof line then rebuild and cap it.

Leslie suggested a new synthetic product called GenStone, which might be used as a cost saver.

Kathy expressed a concern that if the work done to the chimney does not solve the leakage problem, then what?  Sarah stated the work should come with a written guarantee or warranty.  Jane said that she would ask for that when she talks with Newcomb.

Amy moved that we accept the bid (with guarantee) from Don Newcomb.  Gail seconded, and all voted in favor.  Motion carried.

Front Door Status:  Jane emailed the front door replacement agreement from Adam Vose to board members prior to the meeting.  Amy stated we want to approve the final design of the door and see the color of the wood. She would like to know if any of the current hardware can be salvaged. 

Jane said she would work with Adam on dates in order to coordinate door and roofing work, as well as the bench dedication.

Bench Dedication:  Jane said the Cookes would like to have a small reception in the library after the bench dedication.  She solicited the names of caterers, which the board members provided.  She will pass those to the Cookes.

Operations:   Jane reported the following increases from the same time last year:

​​​Library Visits – 24%

​​​Libby Use – 11%

​​​Attendance at Children’s Programs – 39%

​​​Visits to NW Branch – 49%

Jane said visitors from Keene, Swanzey, and Alstead have been attending children’s story times. She also said attendance for the Great Decisions and Hundred Nights was good.

Jane reported that Julie is now doing outreach at the North Walpole School.  She said children getting off the bus from NW have come into the library looking for books Julie talked about.

Grant money from the state has come through so our library will be able to sponsor the All Community Read in the Fall.

Buildings and Grounds:  Tim said he would like to meet Jennifer Burr, so Jane said she would set up a meeting for them.  Kathy reminded Tim to tell Jennifer that we want to stay within a $1,000 budget this year. 

Friends of the Library:  Amy said she attended last week’s meeting.  The Friends will give the library $10,000. 

Peggy announced that she is stepping down as Selectboard Liaison to the Library Board.  Cheryl Mayberry will take her place.  The Trustees thanked Peggy for all she has done with the Board during the past seven years.

Adjournment: Gail moved to adjourn.  Amy adjourned the meeting at 5:32 p.m.

The next meeting will be May 9, 2023 at 4:30 p.m. at the main branch.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jean Kobeski, Recording Secretary

** These minutes are in draft form until approved at the May 9, 2023 meeting.

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