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Major Medical Health Insurers in New Hampshire Waive the Cost of COVID-19 Treatment

CONCORD, NH – Many commercial major medical health insurance companies licensed in New Hampshire have committed to waiving member cost-sharing (deductibles, co-payments, or coinsurance) when the member is receiving treatment related to the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). These companies include Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Ambetter by NH Healthy Families, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Tufts Health Plan/Tufts Health Freedom Plan, and United Healthcare.

“I want to thank our health insurers for proactively addressing this public health crisis,” said Insurance Commissioner Chris Nicolopoulos. “In the midst of a global pandemic, we do not want anyone to hesitate seeking out testing or treatment because they are concerned about the out of pocket cost.”

The actions of these companies add to the consumer protections resulting from an Order issued by Commissioner Nicolopoulos on March 10, requiring New Hampshire health insurers to pay for the COVID-19 test and initial health care provider visit to obtain the test without cost-sharing.

“I am grateful that New Hampshire’s health insurers have stepped up to ease the burden on the individuals and families inflicted with COVID-19,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “During these unprecedented times, waiving the member cost of potentially thousands of dollars per treatment will mean a great deal to New Hampshire families and I applaud them for their actions.”

For more information about your insurance company’s policies and benefits, call the Member Services 1-800 number on the back of your insurance card. The New Hampshire Insurance Department Can HelpThe New Hampshire Insurance Department’s mission is to promote and protect the public good by ensuring the existence of a safe and competitive insurance marketplace through the development and enforcement of the insurance laws of the State of New Hampshire. Major Medical Health Insurers in New Hampshire Waive the Cost of COVID-19 TreatmentContact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your insurance coverage at1‐800‐ 852‐3416 or (603) 271‐2261, or by email at For more information, visit
###Media Contact:Eireann Aspell Sibley Communications DirectorOffice:

More From Lucy


    Good morning, Lil.  Today I write with a report and a request.  The fonts went a little funky on me when I dropped in the photos, so please feel free to manipulate in any way that makes it more readable/postable.


Thanks, as always, Lucy


A Report and a Request


Good morning, everyone.  Today I am writing with a report, and with a request.


Yesterday, I had the privilege of touring the field hospital set up in the Spaulding Gymnasium at Keene State College, to be ready in case our existing health care facilities are overwhelmed.  This was a huge collaborative effort, involving the College, Cheshire Medical Center, the City of Keene, the National Guard, and so many others.  This was a working walkthrough, to coordinate how the surge hospital will function if it needs to open.  Those who will be operating the facility talked about everything from the arrival and admission of patients, equipment, how food will be delivered, how the facility will be staffed, janitorial services, mechanical services, everything.  Those who attended hope that no patient will ever need to enter the facility, that we will pass through this storm, and the space will be filled with the sounds of athletic activity again, soon.  But in the meantime, people are ready, and the facility waits.


I cannot describe how odd it is now to be in a large group of people.  There were perhaps fifty at the walkthrough, all masked.  All of the social norms we have learned throughout our lives have been upended.  When you recognize a friend behind an approaching mask, instead of stepping forward to greet them, you step back, so they may pass with more safety.  And of course most of the people there are rarely safe, as medical providers, first responders and the others are on the front lines of a battle against a disease they cannot see.  Their courage and compassion, unspoken, is overwhelming.  Our deepest thanks are due to all taking part in this effort.


And now, the Request


During the walkthrough, County Commissioner Jack Wozmak and County Administrator Chris Coates spoke to me about the ongoing shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) at Maplewood Nursing Home.  To conserve supplies of medical grade PPE, they are asking for donations of cloth protective garments such as lab coats and artists smocks, which can be laundered and reused.  If you have any such items to donate, they would be gratefully appreciated.  In addition, Tara Sad says she can make protective smocks out of old men’s shirts, preferably in larger sizes, and of smooth cotton material.  So if you have been cleaning out your closets, and have shirts you want to donate to a good cause, contact Tara—756-4861.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Keep well,

~Rep. Lucy Weber














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From Mark Houghton

Mark forwarded this News Release that came from the Attorney General’s Office. Be aware. – Lil

Released by:                Gordon J. MacDonald, Attorney General

Subject:                       Attorney General’s COVID-19 Scam Alert: Stimulus Payments

Date:                           Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Contact:                      Kate Spiner, Director of Communications
                           / (603) 573-6103

Brandon H. Garod, Senior Assistant Attorney General

                           / (603) 271-1217  

Concord, NH — Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald is warning about a wave of COVID-19 related scams surrounding federal stimulus payments.  These scams target consumer vulnerability by attempting to capitalize on the anxiety naturally arising from current events.  

The public should always be vigilant with respect to potential scams.  However, during these challenging times, heightened awareness is essential.  The Attorney General urges the public to use common sense and caution to protect against scammers. 

Stimulus Payment Scams

The United States Congress recently passed a large COVID-19 relief and stimulus package that promises to provide financial relief to many Americans. Scammers have recently attempted to use the promise and anticipation of stimulus payments to acquire personal identifying information [PII] from unsuspecting victims. 

In a recent example of how scammers are trying to use the anticipation of stimulus payments to collect PII, emails that appeared to be from the United States Treasury Department were sent by scammers claiming that the recipient was selected as one of the first to receive a stimulus payment. The phony email requested that the recipient provide PII including phone number, date of birth and profession in order to receive a stimulus payment.

What you should know: 

·       The Internal Revenue Service recently released guidance informing the public that most people do not need to take any action in order to receive stimulus payments.

·       Government agencies are NOT sending out emails asking for personal information in order to receive funds or other pandemic relief opportunities.

How to protect yourself: 

·       Any request via a phone call, text message or email for personal identifying information, or any other information as a prerequisite for receiving a stimulus payment should be heavily scrutinized.

·       Do not engage with callers or emails from unrecognized sources.

·       Do your homework, ask questions and use the IRS website for accurate information:

·       New Hampshire people who receive requests for information in exchange for a stimulus payment should contact the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office.

Stay Informed:

Contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline to report a scam:

From Lucy

She referred to this as “today’s offering. So glad she shares these resources. – Lil

NH DHHS has just issued a two page list of resources for families, including both resources-food, housing assistance, child care, substance counseling, etc, and suggestions about checking with families and how to talk to your kids about the emergency. Also included is the new Waypoint “Warm Line” for those who need a bit of counseling, by phone, free, BEFORE you or your family is in crisis. 

Waypoint Warm Line: Free guidance and support for parents/caregivers. Call: 1-800-640-6486 M-F, 8:30-4:30.

Link to the full document:

Keep well,

~Rep. Lucy Weber

Perfect for the Day

Jodi Daigle sent this picture of the rock in front of the post office. A perfect one for this gorgeous day. Enjoy it! – Lil

Revisions From Lucy

New or Updated COVID-19 Resources

Hi, everyone,

As the web pages and contacts for information about COVID-19 are updated, or changed, or moved, and new ones are appearing, I thought I would send along an update on current sources of information.

COVID-19:  The Disease and Your Health: NH Department of Health and Human Services site, updated daily—Latest statisitcs, progression of the disease in NH, current information on best practices (CDC has now suggested wearing a cloth mask in public, in addition to the existing social distancing guidelines) links to Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization, Governor’s Emergency Orders, and much more, updated daily:

NH Unemployment Security:  People have had great difficulty getting in touch with Unemployment Security.  They are currently processing as many applications in a week as they normally do in a year, so keep trying.  The web site capacity has been enhanced, so they are now recommending you start there, but if you have difficulty on the web site, call 271-7700, and keep trying.

NH Insurance Department:  COVID-19 Insurance Information:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Other questions, complaints, and claims reviews:

NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs:  BEC now has a comprehensive page with all kinds of links for businesses, but also unemployment information as well:

NH Small Business Development Corporation:  Small business recommendations in perhaps a more user-friendly format:

SBA Loans and Recovery Programs:  SBA Disaster Loan Applications:

NH SBA Office:  

Business and Industry Association:  The BIA now has a comprehensive COVID-19 page with links to all kinds of resources for employers/businesses.

~Rep. Lucy Weber

To Fourth Graders

Lucy sent this for those in grade four who normally would be touring the State House. – Lil

New Hampshire State House Tour

One of my favorite parts of being a State Representative is my visits with the 4th graders who are studying NH history. I miss seeing you all! 

For those of you who are missing your tour of the NH State House this year, and for those who just want to have another look, you can tour the NH State House yourselves, online:,2758328m,248.61h,90.15t  

The folks at the Visitors Center have also set up a trivia quiz:

And if you are looking for a LOT of facts about New Hampshire, all in one place, we have a NH almanac page here:

Enjoy! ~Representative Lucy Weber