Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes – 9/14/15

Minutes for the regular meeting of the

Walpole Conservation Commission

Monday, September 14, 2015


Present:  Tom Beaudry, John Peska, Sharyn Tullar (alt.), Alicia Flammia, Lewis Shelley, Gary Speed, Peter Palmiotto (alt.), Duncan Watson

Not Present:  Myra Mansouri (alt.), Kelli Wilson, Whit Aldrich (SelectBoard representative)

Mr. Beaudry, chair, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Non-Public session: 

No Alternates needed seating


Corrections to the minutes: the Planning Board reviewed the Merriam Farms proposal but should not be considered “tentatively in favor”.  Scout names misspelled: Benjamin Haefner and Paul Beliveau. Mr. Speed moved to accept the minutes for the August 3, 2015 meeting as corrected. Mr. Peska seconded, and the motion passed with all in favor.

New Business

    Bensonwood representative, Randall Walter reported on updates for the land on Huntington Lane next to Chamberlain Machine.  In 2008, Bensonwood came before the Conservation Commission for consideration of a proposal of a production building on Map 12, Lot 4-3. The Recession happened and progress stopped. In 2009, the Planning Board approved a Lot Line adjustment to take land from the adjacent lot 4-2 and add it to lot 4-3 (creating a 25.60 acre lot).  This lot was then put into Current Use.

Bensonwood now plans to put in an assembly and manufacturing facility for the cutting and assembly of wood products (most of which will arrive on site in a prefinished condition). Since the natural death of the Pignut Hickory, the building will change orientation and the chicken coops will be dismantled. The building will be around 56,000 sf with 175,000 sf of impervious surface which is about 17% of the 25+acres. There will be parking for around 35 cars with about 20 employees.  They will heat with gas fired wood boiler and have a propane backup source.

A letter of support from the Conservation Commission shall be drafted.  Mr. Speed moved to send a letter to Bensonwood stating no opposition to the plan as briefed and for the conditional use as presented.  Mr. Watson seconded, and the motion passed with all in favor.

Treasury/Budget Report

As of 8/31/15, the total amount in the Forestry account was $10,345.14, and in Conservation account was $53,170.70.


  1. Request from the NH Association of Conservation Commission for payment of $296 for 2016 Annual Dues. Watson moved to pay the Dues of $296 to the NHACC at the beginning of 2016. Mr. Peska seconded, and the motion passed with all in favor.
  2. Town & City Magazine
  3. Thank you note from Maeve Perron for sending her to Barry Conservation Camp. She will be invited to a future meeting to report on her experiences.
  4. Highlights, the SWRPC newsletter
  5. Reminder of the Pot Luck dinner to be held at Stonewall Farm in Keene September 15, 2015.

New Business, cont.

  1. Budget for the next year is due mid-October. It will be added to next month’s Agenda.
  2. All members are invited to follow The Walpolean. If interested, go to and register.
  3. NH DES letter regarding the Pine Street dredging just says “Note conditions”. The approval date was 9/1/2015 and TransCanada has until 9/1/2020 to complete the work.

Old Business

  1. A letter was sent to the Rockingham Conservation Commission listing the waterfall names acceptable to the WCC and the Walpole Historical Society.
  2. The letter by the Mason Conservation Commission regarding the Kinder Morgan Pipeline project has been compiled and sent on to all appropriate parties.
  3. Eagle Scout projects–Mr. Shelley: Paul Beliveau will not be doing trail work for his project; Adam Terrell will do from the parking lot out to just before the reroute section; this will include retaining wall structures. Benjamin Hefner wants to do a kiosk and the reroute. Both of these are subject to approval by the Scout leaders.
  4. Water Co Timber Harvest-Garland Lumber had wanted to be there in August. Beaudry and Mr. Speed will look at end of Reservoir Rd to see what has been done.
  5. The Land Map update is almost ready, just waiting to see if one final easement can be included.
  6. KSC trails mapping- Ms. Flammia heard from Professor Bream. The fieldwork is completed, the data is in some state of data entry and but just waiting for the finished product.
  7. Class 6 Roads Subcommittee will meet October 5 @7pm.
  8. Hooper Golf Course sale has not gone through due to a major investor pulling out.
  9. Timber Harvest at Hooper Forest will be done after the Reservoir harvest. Peter Rhoades is expecting to start marking the trees this winter. Funds from the Hooper Forest harvest will go to the Hooper Trust and they will pay Mr. Rhoades for that work.
  10. Dam maintenance may need to be increased in the next budget discussions. Peska moved to take Conservation power equipment to Pinnacleview for service. Mr. Shelley seconded, and the motion passed with all in favor.


  1. High Blue gate is being circumvented. Mr. Shelley will talk with the Land Steward about this. A cross-country trail has become an ATV track.
  2. Sidney Craven & Monadnock Conservancy will host an event recognizing Conservation people of Walpole. Invitations will be out soon.
  3. Shelley will be presenting a workshop at Pembroke Academy the 1st Saturday of November.

The next meeting will be Monday, October 5, 2015.

Mr. Peska moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:49pm.  Mr. Speed seconded, and the motion passed with all in favor.


Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Heleen, Recording Secretary

NOTE:  These are unapproved minutes with corrections to be found in the minutes of the next meeting.

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