Walpole at Home Planning Committee – 11/18/15

Thank you to Peggy Pschirrer for sharing this information.  This would seem to be an important topic in need of further work.  I was unaware of the efforts of the group and am intrigued.  Hopefully you will be as well. – Lil
The Aging in Place/Walpole at Home will meet at the Town Hall on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 1:00 pm to continue our initial discussion begun in September when Sam Chauncey described the Village concept which has grown to be nation wide since its inception in 2002 in Beacon Hill.
Terry Holcombe and Marya Holcombe have done a considerable amount of research since we met in September and on our behalf have joined the Village Network so that we have access to a great deal of organizational material. In addition Terry has spoken with a Board member of the Monadnock at Home group. Tom Crouse and Terry are creating a business plan; Tara Sad has done some investigation of available services and we have some useful census data.
Our meeting November 18 will be an exploratory, facilitated discussion around such questions as:
1) Is there a need in the Walpole area for an organized village network which enables people to age in place at home and have access to services and other people?
2) Is there a wide range of services ready to be accessed?
3) Can a model be created that is inclusive and affordable?
4) How do we create a model that keeps people from being isolated?
5) Is it so true that “Walpole takes care of its own “that no help is needed to enable people to age in place? How long will that last? How extensive is that?
We hope that the result of this meeting/discussion will be individuals stepping up to form committees to begin working toward our own model of Walpole at Home.
Please invite anyone you think would like to attend to join us all that day .

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