Holiday Giving – an Opportunity to Give and to Receive

While the Christmas Carol has been cancelled for this year, the need at the Fall Mountain Food Shelf and Our Place Drop In Center continues.  Thanks to the Walpole Players there is still a way to continue our support. And, who knows?  You just might be the lucky winner! – Lil

The Walpole Players are making it fun to give this holiday season.

We know that you will one again be donating to your favorite needy charity this year. But, if you give your contribution via the Walpole Players to the Fall Mountain Food Shelf or Our Place Drop In Center, the Walpole Players will enter your name in a drawing to win a $250 shopping spree provided by an anonymous donor at the many participating shops and restaurants in Walpole and Bellows Falls. Donations may be made (and entry forms filled out) at the locations listed below.


The winner’s entry will be picked at a fun event with entertainment and Christmas merriment at Joanie Joan’s Baked Goods Company on Saturday, December 12th at noon. You don’t have to be present to win. The winner will have until January 31, 2016, to shop until they drop (or until the $250 is gone, whichever comes first!)

So get a thrill out of giving this year. Donate before December 12th at one of the following locations: Joanie Joan’s Baked Goods Company, The Village Blooms, Galloway Real Estate and Costume Ladies. Help the Walpole Players continue their annual campaign of giving to those in our community in need. And, as Tiny Tim said, ‘God bless us everyone!’

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