Letter from the Principal

This letter, from Mr. Jacobs, will be going home with students today.  since the playground responds to a community need, the school seeks to expand its horizons to include the entire community in this request.  Hopefully, we can all help. – Lil

December 4, 2015

Dear Walpole Parents and Community Members,

The children of Walpole could use your help.  Conditions of the existing primary school playground are deteriorating and becoming unsafe.  The playground was funded and built by volunteers in 1989.  It has provided excitement and challenges for many Walpole children, as well as visitors from other towns.

I will be forming a Playground Project Volunteer Committee with membership from parents, schools staff, community members, grandparents and alumni.  The new playground will be located near the existing playground.  This is a perfect location for the school and the town because it will be located near the Whitcomb Town Park.  The playground is used year round.

The committee’s goals will be:

  1. To design and build a safe playground for all area children.
  2. To involve the children in the design and fundraising efforts.
  3. To involve as many community members and businesses as possible.
  4. To use volunteer labor, when possible, in the construction of the playground.

These goals and concepts were used in the construction of the original playground and have been successful with two other playgrounds within our school district.  One thing about Walpole, all things are possible when this town supports its children.

If you are interested, please contact me at the Walpole School 603-756-4728.



Sam Jacobs, Principal


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