Planning Board Public Notice

In case you missed this in The Keene Sentinel, Marilou Blaine asked me to post this here in the Walpolean. – Lil


The Walpole Planning Board will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at 7:00 pm. in the Walpole Town Hall to hear a petition  from the townspeople to be placed on the warrant in March, 2016.

To see if the Town of Walpole will vote in favor of amending the current Zoning Board Ordinance as follows:

Add under Article IV General Provisions Section N Recycling and Transfer Stations:

a.  In addition to the current Town recycling center at 207 Whitcomb Road, Route 123, Walpole, New Hampshire, recycling centers and/or transfer stations shall be permitted uses in the Industrial Zone subject to meeting the Town’s site plan review regulations and shall be submitted to the Planning Board for site review; provided such facilities are owned or operated by the Town for the transfer and/or recycling of solid waste generated in the Town and provided further that the recycling center or transfer stations is owned and operated by the Town or by a Regional Solid Wast District whose ownership and operation thereof is governed by and agreement entered into pursuant to RSA 149-M24.

All interested parties are encouraged to attend.  if you are unabe to attend, you may respond in writing to the Walpole Planning Board, PO Box 729, Wlaple, NH 03608 prior to the meeting.  Final action on the appliation may be taken by the Plannig Board following the Public Hearing.  The application and signatures on the petition are available for public inspection in the Walpole Town Hall during regular business hours.

Minutes of the Meetings are posted inside the Town Hall, on the bulletin board outside Walpole Grocery and the town website:

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