Memoir / Personal Narrative Workshop

Thanks, Pam Bernard for sharing this information. – Lil

If You Don’t Tell Your Story, Who Will?

Award-winning author Pam Bernard will conduct an 8-week series of writing and reading workshops, to begin early February, at her home in Walpole. These workshops are for those interested in transforming the deep exploration of experience into a convincing and compelling narrative.

This workshop is not a competitive sport. It is aimed at exploring the genre to learn the ground rules, to experiment with different approaches to making the personal universal, and to develop your unique voice and style to bring your story to life. Each member is encouraged to participate at his or her own pace and comfort level.

Apprehending experience and shaping it into a piece of writing that carries meaning to your reader is the best antidote for our steady diet of mediocrity and of the disposable. Vivian Gornick says: Penetrating the familiar is by no means a given. On the contrary, it is hard, hard work. Rather than cannibalize your life, a successful narrative will rise from that experience and your willingness to honor your life. Because something happened does not make it worthy of inclusion in a memoir.

The good memoir has an eye to shaping memory and experience. You own what has happened to you, and this includes what you remember. No one else can claim that. Please join other writers at the table. This workshop could change your life. Please call for more information. 603.756.4177, email, or visit

Pam Bernard, author of four books, is a poet, painter, editor, and adjunct professor at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and Franklin Pierce University. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College and BA from Harvard University. Her awards include a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry and a MacDowell Fellowship.

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