If you have followed the Comments, you will note some confusion regarding the School Board position on changing the apportionment formula.  I visited the Fall Mountain Regional School District website for a copy of the Annual Report.  This was copied from that document although my chart doesn’t come out as clearly as the one in the actual document. Hope this helps. – Lil


Warrant Article 9.

To see if the school district will vote to change the school district’s apportionment formula for operational and capital outlay costs in accordance with RSA 195:8 to 195:7 formula II option (b) & RSA 195:13 “one-half of all such costs shall be apportioned on the basis of the ration that the equalized valuation of each pre-existing district bears to that of the cooperative district and 1⁄2 shall be apportioned on the average daily membership of the preceding year to include Roman Numeral (II) all expenses referenced in roman numeral (II): High School. By Petition.

The School Board DOES NOT recommend this article (1-Yes, 5-No, 0-Absent).

2/3 Ballot Vote Required for Passage

Explanation on Warrant #9: This warrant article is petitioned by taxpayers residing in Charlestown and would change the present formula in the Articles of Agreement for sharing High School expenses from a 100% ADM (average daily membership) to a formula based on 50% ADM and 50% Equalized Valuation. Equalization is the process by which the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration makes adjustments to each municipality’s locally assessed values to calculate the estimated 100% value of the municipality, effectively making lower assessed towns on par with higher assessed towns.

Based on present membership for 2015-2016, if this article passes the change in apportionment formula and tax assessments would be as follows:

2015/2016 2015/2016 If Passed -Estimated Change:

Present High School HS Formula Change Increase/ On Town’s total

TOWN  Formula- 100% ADM      50%ADM/50%Eq.Val.      (Change)      Assessment

Acworth              6.0210%                          8.0712%                      2.0502%         $166,040

Alstead                16.5044%                       16.2976%                    (0.2068)%       ($16,749)

Charlestown       44.5308%                      35.4472%                     (9.0836)%      ($735,662)

Langdon                  5.1314%                         5.6778%                       0.5464%         $44,256

Walpole                 27.8124%                       34.5062%                      6.6938%         $542,115

Please keep in mind that Average Daily Membership for the district towns change yearly based on number of students enrolled and attending. With current formula, a town’s percent of shared costs can go up if they have more students enroll or go down if they have less students enroll.

4 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. Peggy 03/01/2016 at 3:39 PM Reply


    How many students attend Fall Mt High School from Walpole?

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    • Lil 03/01/2016 at 4:28 PM Reply


      Not really sure but will do some “investigative reporting”!

  2. Lil 03/01/2016 at 5:25 PM Reply

    And the answer is – as of October 1, 2015, there we’re 125 Walpole students enrolled at FMRHS.

  3. roxanne harding 03/06/2016 at 5:26 PM Reply

    You stated in the Walpole news paper that turn out is low when it’s time to vote why don’t you ask yourself why? Could it be no matter what you do or say the committee will approve everything allowing our taxes in Walpole to go up. Why not put postage into the budget so we can get this information. I have not received any voting things in years, except for last week I have received two big yellow piece of paper that has the Fall Mountain Regional District Digest on it, if you can send me out my tax bill by mail then you can surely let me know by mail when there is a meeting to vote, everyone does not use the computer. We all know when people don’t vote then everything is passed. It appears to me that Charlestown assessment going down a huge amount and they are pushing to increase Walpole tax assessment to a ridiculous amount why is this even on the table? I remember reading in the paper about Vermont wanting NH to pay for the bridge in Walpole to be fixed they said “they are making an offer we can’t refuse” Well we refused it. It’s called pushing back. Do you realize that seniors citizens and others can no longer afford their property taxes they have to sell their home in time where their home should be their resting place,

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