Distant Hills Gardens Workshop – 4/22/16

Vernal Pool Documentation Workshop

Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum)

Spotted Salamander

Distant Hill Gardens
507 March Hill Road
Walpole, NH

Friday, April 22
1pm to 4pm

Vernal pools are small, temporary ponds that serve as critical amphibian breeding habitat. Vernal pool-breeding species, in turn, exert a powerful influence on the ecology of the surrounding forest. Because they are small, seasonal, and often fall outside the realm of regulatory protections for permanent wetlands, vernal pools are especially vulnerable to development and other human impacts.

We can only protect these critical ecosystems if we know where they are!

Wood Frog Rana sylvatica

A Wood Frog, a vernal pool inhabitant.

To that end, the Ashuelot Valley Environmental Observatory (AVEO), the citizen science arm of the Harris Center for Conservation Education, trains volunteers to identify and document vernal pools in the Monadnock Region of southwestern New Hampshire.

Brett Amy Thelen, the science director at AVEO, will lead this Vernal Pool Workshop. The event will combine an indoor presentation on vernal pool ecology with hands-on practice in identification and documentation using the Distant Hill Gardens vernal pool complex. You will then be certified to submit data to AVEO’s regional vernal pool database.

This is a FREE Workshop

sponsored by the Harris Center and Distant Hill Gardens

Registration is Required

For more info contact Brett at: thelen@harriscenter.org

One thought on “Distant Hills Gardens Workshop – 4/22/16

  1. jessoc23 04/10/2016 at 6:55 PM Reply

    This looks really great. Would it be appropriate for families?

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