Janet Wilson has shared a number of things that are happening at Meeting West, LLC.  Gives us courage that the weather really is taking a turn for the better! – Lil


Formerly called the Hooper Golf Club, the newly formed Meeting House West has begun activities for the 2016 season!  

Men’s Thursday League: Play starts at 5:15 PM. They have already started and still need players to sign up for the sub list.

Wednesday Morning men’s group:  Play starts at 8:00 AM. All men welcome.

Ladies Twilight League: Begins Wednesday, June 1st, at 5:15, shotgun start.

Tuesday Morning ladies’ group: Begins May 31st, 9:00 AM. Please sign up by Monday prior to day of play.

The Tournament Committee is being formed to have a full schedule of events for the season. If you have not joined, please do so ASAP.



May 27th to May 31st

18 holes with a cart     $30.00

9 holes with a cart       $15.00

18 holes walking         $20.00

9 holes walking           $10.00

One thought on “Activities at MEETING HOUSE WEST LLC

  1. Mr. Rogers 11/23/2016 at 7:54 PM Reply

    Hope you enjoyed the course this year. Heard from a lot of people who didnt. Was suprised to see the town let the idiots who sank it, take back over. I guess having it turn to a shit hole is more or less what the town deserves. Seems like karma for trying to run a business under a different name when you owe money to the previous employees. Kind of impressive how fast it went downhill.

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