Selectboard Meeting Minutes – 6/16/16

When I received these minutes they came with this explanation from Sarah Downing, “Due to a computer malfunction, we only have the first set of minutes for June 16th. Initially, these were non-public minutes to be sealed. However, after review at last week’s meeting, it was deemed that these shall be public minutes.”  The hope is that Elaine Heleen’s computer gets fixed soon so we will have the remining minutes from the 16th. – Lil 



June 16, 2016


Selectboard Present: Steve Dalessio (Chair), Peggy Pschirrer, Joseph Aldrich


Mr. Dalessio moved to enter into a Non-Public Selectboard Session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II to discuss (j) Consideration of Financial Information at 6:34pm.  Mr. Aldrich seconded the motion and, on a roll call vote with all in favor, the motion was approved.

Thomas Goins gives the Town Treasurer’s Update.

  • Cash transactions in the general fund are filed in a binder matching cash deposits and cash disbursements to original source documents thereby satisfying compliance issues.
  • From the binder, it is easy to reconcile SBW bank statements on a monthly basis. The Treasure then reports to the Finance Director to support his reconciliation of the cash account in the general ledger.
  • The Treasurer and Finance Clerk are working toward balancing out the cash flow.
  • Vauchon & Clukey, a new auditing group was hired with a discount of $1,600.
  • The Treasurer has 3 goals:
    • Compliance
    • Collateralize the General Fund
    • Finalize the Walpole Investment Policy
  • Goins attended the NH Government Finance Officers Association annual meeting on May 5-6th.
  • The Treasurer met with JoAnn Klatskin, representative of PFM Asset Management, LLC on 6/10/16. She is an administrator for the NH Public Deposit Investment Pool (PDIP). This investment pool has much better rates of returns as compared with banking options. More discussion will come in the future.
  • The Treasurer’s Bond is covered by Primex and so Indemnification is in compliance.
  • The Treasurer would like to provide a quarterly report and asks the SelectBoard to give input to what they would like to see on that report.
  • It is agreed that the time is not yet right for Procurement Cards
  • A draft of the Investment Policy was given to the SelectBoard members for review.

Mrs. Pschirrer moved to adjourn this session.  Mr. Aldrich seconded, and the motion passed with all in favor at 7:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Heleen, Acting Recording Secretary


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