Special Sunday Service – 11/27/16

Sharing Bread – a Multigenerational Service

Join us at the Walpole Unitarian Church Sunday at 10 a.m. for a special Thanksgiving Weekend service of sharing bread and pondering the sacred in the food we prepare to nourish ourselves and others.

Led by Worship Committee Chair Antonia Andreoli and trustee Dorothy Read, the service will include readings that reflect this season of sharing food, with a special twist. If you like, please bring along a loaf of bread. We’ll be invited to choose someone else’s bread to bring home (or share right there!), and leave a donation for it in our “Manna Jar,” the jar we use to collect pocket change and donations for our local food pantries.

You don’t have to bake and bring a loaf to participate, of course. There will also be jars of a sourdough starter that has been going for years (made originally from grapes from the vines at Mountain View Winery and another friend’s batch of sourdough, added to by yet another’s) and instructions will be included.

So, come share the bread and your thoughts. We are a Welcoming Congregation committed to love and social justice.

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