Clarion is Available

The 20 page issue of the December 2016 issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION is at the printer, and will be mailed mid-week. Everything you need to know about what is happening in Walpole over the upcoming holidays is hopefully on these pages. Please do share with others, and encourage them to “sign up” – see below.

Head to the home page — – click on the image to Page One, and you will bring up a PDF of the entire issue.

I have also begun a new section on the website – Walpole Historical Items for Sale. As you may be aware, I have an extensive collection of Walpole postcards, books and ephemera that I have used in research for my book and DYKT articles. But, I also have a large number of “duplicates.” I enjoy sharing (as readers of my travel blog – Shunpiking With Ray – know), and it is time to share those “duplicates” with others so they may enjoy building their own collections. So, follow this link — — and enjoy.

Finally, tell your friends to “sign up” to receive notices of postings from THE WALPOLE CLARION – simply provide your email address on the spot on the lower right hand side to “Follow this Blog.” Catch you next month, yours, RAY – Publisher, The Walpole Clarion

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