Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes – 11/7/16

Minutes for the Regular Meeting of the

Walpole Conservation Commission

November 7, 2016


Present:  Tom Beaudry (Chair); John Peska, Lew Shelley, Kelli Wilson, Alicia Flammia, Whit Aldrich (Selectboard Representative), Elaine Heleen, alt (acting as secretary)

Not Present:  Regular Members:  Duncan Watson; Alternate Members:  Peter Palmiotto, Gary Speed, Myra Mansouri


Call To Order:  Mr. Beaudry, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.

Seating of Alternates:  No alternates were needed to achieve quorum.


Review and Approve Minutes: Corrections: Under the section Maplewood Circle, the “main tree is on the” Mill Pond land not the Mason Forest land. Mr. Shelley moved to accept the Minutes of the October 3, 2016, meeting as corrected.  Mr. Peska seconded the motion.  With all in favor, the minutes were approved.



Report from Chair:

Treasury / BudgetMr. Beaudry reported that as of October 31, 2016, the balance of the Walpole Conservation Commission Savings Account is $88,458.97 and the Forestry Account is $21,622.97.   This includes $9,264.77 in deposits from Garland lumber.



Mr. Beaudry received the following correspondence:

  • Monadnock Conservancy Newsletter (includes an article by Lew Shelley)
  • Connecticut River Watershed Council
    • 2016 Annual Report
    • Request to join CRWC and donate (tabled until next meeting)
  • Supply Line- DES newsletter



Town Forester:  A draft of the RFP (Request for Proposal) for a new Town Forester was presented. Issues of timeliness of response, attendance at meetings, and single person vs a firm were discussed. As Ms. Flammia has experience with RFPs, she has volunteered to create a draft with assistance from other members. Mr. Peska moved to have Ms. Flammia put together a RFP for the purpose of hiring a new Town Forester.  Seconded by Mr. Shelley. With all in favor, the motion was approved.


Current Use Meeting:  November 20, 2016 in the Town Hall.


2017 Budget: For last several years the WCC has held to a level budget.  Without the budget reports, no changes are expected for the next year.  Mr. Shelley moved to keep the budget for 2017 the same as the 2016 budget.  Seconded by Ms. Flammia.  With all in favor, the motion was approved.



TransCanada Dam Relicensing:  There is a sale pending for all 13 dams, with tributary dams being looked at for sale purposes.


DES Inspection of Reservoir Dam:  This has already happened without notification of any Walpole residents including Mark Houghton or the Conservation Commission.

WCC Meeting –November 7, 2016- Page 2


Mason Forest kiosk:  Per Mr. Shelley, this will be at the top of the list for next spring as it will not be possible before then. Trail work will also be done at that time.


Cheshire County Conservation Annual Meeting: Attended by Alicia Flammia, Kelli Wilson, Elaine Heleen, Gary Speed, and Tom Beaudry.  The presentation on Coyotes was well done although Mr. Speed did add quiet editorial comments which were well liked by his tablemates. Eloise Clark and Rebecca Whippie were awarded Educators of the Year and did a marvelous job with their acceptance speeches. Ms. Flammia was impressed at the wide range of services and projects offered by the Cheshire County Conservation District.


Maplewood Circle: Mr. Speed is not available to report on the tree situation, but members agree that WCC cannot be responsible for limbs/branches hanging over private property. Mr. Shelley will look at the property if Mr. Speed has not done so.



Boat launch: Ms. Flammia noticed that the boat launch off Rt. 12 has a gate. It was explained that there had been damage to the property and inappropriate behavior. The gate only closes off vehicular traffic; foot traffic is still allowed.

Boy ScoutsAdam Terrill had leftover funds of $13.00 that had been raised for his Eagle Project.  He has elected to donate it to the Conservation Commission. Mr. Peska moved to accept the $13.00 from Adam Terrill and then donate it to the Boy Scouts.  Seconded by Ms. Flammia.  With all in favor, the motion was approved.

Tools: Mr. Shelley purchased the tools as discussed in previous meetings. Mr. Peska moved to refund Mr. Shelley the $357.81 for purchase of tools for WCC.  Seconded by Ms. Flammia.  With all in favor, the motion was approved. They are currently being stored in Mr. Shelley’s garage until a locked box can be found for storage at the Town Garage.

Dairies: There was confusion from an article in the Keene Sentinel regarding the number of dairies in the state and the effects of the drought.  The Commissioner of Agriculture says that the question was asked two different ways and the wrong number was applied to the overall number of dairies in New Hampshire.  Walpole has 8 dairies which is the largest number for any town. “We do not have the largest number of cows but we do have the most dairy farms” per Mr. Beaudry.

Naming of the Falls: Per USGS, the proposed geographic name is “Great Falls”.  The WCC can approve the name, reject it or take action.  Mr. Peska moved to approve the name of the falls as “Great Falls” .  Seconded by Mr. Shelley.  With all in favor, the motion was approved.


Next Meeting:  Because of the Federal holiday on January 2nd, the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 9, 2017 at 7:30 PM.


ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Peska moved to adjourn this meeting.  Ms. Flammia seconded.  With all members in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Heleen, Acting Recording Secretary

(Note:  These are unapproved Minutes.  Any corrections will be found in the December 5, 2016, Conservation Commission meeting.)

2 thoughts on “Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes – 11/7/16

  1. Lewis Shelley 12/08/2016 at 3:27 PM Reply

    These must not be the approved minutes as the corrections we made the other evening (December meeting) do not appear here. I did not write the srticle in the Monadnock Conservancy newsletter. It only featured work I did with them.


    • Lew Shelley 12/09/2016 at 10:00 PM Reply

      My earlier comment shown above should have read “unapproved minutes” which I learned later they were.


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