YES — a tad early, but your February 2017 issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION is now on-line for you to view at —

I receive so many search “hits” on Shunpiking with Ray for Walpole’s Old Home Days that today I added a page with the schedule of events for Walpole Old Home Days 2017. You can CLICK ON THIS LINK to get that page. As revision are made, I will update the page, and once all solidified I will prepare a PDF for you to print out and carry so you do not miss out on any of the fun.

I am posting on the right sidebar events I am informed about, so to “bookmark” THE WALPOLE CLARION and visit often.

Closing date for the March issue is 23 February. Because our printer, Village Printers in Bellows Falls, has a scheduled vacation the end of February, your March issue will arrive a tad late in the mail. BUT — SIGN UP TO FOLLOW THE WALPOLE CLARION (follow directions at the bottom of the right hand column) and you will get notice of the posting on-line.

Thank you, yours, RAY