Online Clarion – Oops!

i messed up the original post about the Clarion online.  This one gives you the link in case you havn’t already signed up as a Follower.  So sorry, Ray – Lil


And, as the annual “election issue” I am posting this early so as many people as possible can read and absorb all the information packed into this issue. Also, February is a short month, and Village Printers’ vacation schedule means this issue will not arrive in your mailbox until March 2 or 3. Election Day is March 14, followed by Town Meeting on the 18th.

Click here for the full issue
or, copy/paste this link to your browser –

I urge you to read the articles in this issue on the Town Warrant Articles, Town Operating Budget, and the Police Log. Your select board has worked hard on the budget and warrant articles, and I urge you to vote “yes” to particularly support the Police Cruiser purchase plan, and Town Operating Budget.

And, looking ahead to April (no foolin’) the closing date for the April issue is March 23

Thank you, RAY BOAS, Publisher

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