Memoir Writing Workshops





New Spring offerings! New 8-week sessions beginning mid-March and/or once-a month, day-long sessions, the next scheduled for Sunday, March 19, all at Pam Bernard’s home in Walpole, NH. 

As B says in The Art of Time in Memoir: The point of memoir is to discover through memory the linkages that give resonance to what would otherwise be the chaos of the life. If you yearn for a deeper engagement with your life and the lives of those who have helped define you, the act of writing about experience can provide meaning and direction—not as reportage, but as a way to shape your life story.     

Pam approaches the writing of personal narrative not as family history, but as a learned craft, which, if explored honestly and rigorously, can change your life. As the tide trends toward the fleeting and disposable, an effort to take account of real experience by honoring our unique human predicament becomes crucial. In the face of relentless information overload, we are starved for human stories. But, as Pam suggests, if you don’t tell you story, who will? 

The workshops are intimate and nurturing, yet rigorous. Included are readings and explorations of craft, several free writes from prompts, and sharing of drafts.  You need not have extensive background in the genre, just a willingness to open to its possibilities.

Pam is author of four books, the latest titled Esther, a verse novel, published by CavanKerry Press. She is a poet, memoirist, painter, editor, and adjunct professor at Franklin Pierce University. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College and BA in History of Art from Harvard University. Her awards include fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. 

Please visit  Pam’s website for information: or email, or call 603.756.4177. 

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