Candidate’s Statement

The Grange was forced to cancel “Meet the Candidates Night” but encouraged candidates to share their position statement in The Walpolean.  I would be pleased to post others that might be sent my way – – Lil


Greetings fellow Walpoleans and residents of the Fall Mountain Regional School District,
My name is William K. Stahl, although most people know me as Billy. I am honored to be running for the position of Walpole School Board Representative for the Fall Mountain Regional School District.
After more than twenty years of involvement with this school district, I still feel like a cheerleader for our town and for our schools. In fact when I encounter families who are considering relocating, I often encourage them to consider Walpole — not only because it’s a great town, but also because it boasts great schools. Yes, taxes are high, but look at all we get.
My own sons have thrived in the Walpole schools. During the time they’ve been there I’ve had numerous interactions with our schools’ principal, teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, secretaries, special education personnel and everyone else who works here. I’ve continued to be impressed with their collective talent and professionalism, as well as with the genuine empathy they demonstrate for all students. Since my retirement from Fall Mountain Regional High School, I’ve had ample opportunity to get a real feel for our Walpole schools through working with them during lunch-time reading and book fair sales, as well as my wife and I working various special events. As a former teacher, I can spot a poseur from a long hallway away, but they seem scarce among the professionals who work with our children. So, I continue to value the benefits of a quality public school education for students and as an indication of our community’s health.

However, I do recognize that the taxes levied to support our schools have become nearly unbearable for some community members.
It is painful to hear how burdensome current taxation is for many district residents. Perhaps it is time to explore new and innovative approaches to our current educational programs, as well as the methods we use to fund them. While there are no quick fixes to the long-standing dilemma regarding how to fund New Hampshire schools, there will be opportunities for exploring new approaches — though only if we actively search for them.
This, then, is what I look to initiate during the coming year, the search I hope to begin.
We must continue to meet the needs of children, parents and educators. We must also meet the needs of our entire community, as well attracting and keeping residents. Of course we will economize in every possible way. Still, we need to be searching for new answers or school funding will continue to seem like a rock grinds us.

I hope you will grant me the opportunity to work for our community in the March 14 vote.

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