From Billy Stahl

Greetings fellow Walpoleans and residents of the Fall Mountain Regional School District,
Congratulations to Tom Ronning for winning the election for the position of Walpole School Board Representative for the Fall Mountain Regional School District. I enjoyed participating in a clean race and a fair election. I wish him good luck during the upcoming year.
I would also like to thank all of the voters in Walpole, and throughout the entire school district, who cast their vote for me. It was a pleasure meet and talk with many of you outside the Walpole Town Hall on election day.
Even though I spent hours covered with snow and numb in my extremities, I wound up feeling invigorated by the whole experience. This was due to the positive and upbeat attitudes of those I encountered. Showing up to vote during a major snow storm — whether or not you cast a vote in my favor — demonstrates a true commitment to our communities.
During the upcoming year, I hope to participate further in our school system through committee and other work. Communities work best when their citizens engage in activities that promote the well being of all residents. As a retired teacher with two sons attending district schools, I have both the time and the inclination to remain involved.
Thank you all once again,
Billy Stahl

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