Saving Our Songbirds – 4/21/17


Sponsored by the Hooper Institute,   Walpole NH

Please join us at 7:00 PM, Friday April 21st at the Walpole Town Hall, 34 Elm Street, for a presentation on “Saving our Songbirds”, discussing changes in bird populations that have occurred over the past century in our region.
The long-awaited chorus of spring songbirds will soon unfold around us, as migrants return from their southern winter quarters. Sadly, this magical chorus has lost volume in recent decades, as many of our most iconic songbirds in New Hampshire and Vermont have declined, some of them dramatically. Chris Rimmer‘s richly illustrated talk will examine songbird population changes – both natural and human-caused – and what is being done to address the myriad threats facing our songbirds. A “full life cycle approach” to conservation will be highlighted by two charismatic species – the Bicknell’s Thrush and Bobolink – that the Vermont Center for Ecostudies has studied intensively for the past 25 years.
Chris Rimmer is the executive director of the VCE. Founded in 2007, VCE is a non-profit wildlife conservation group based in Norwich, Vermont. The VCE advances wildlife conservation with the combined force of scientific research and informed citizens. Because conservation is as much about people as it is about ecology, VCE’s motto is, “Uniting People and Science for Conservation.”
This event is a benefit for the Hooper Institute Youth Internship Program. Tickets to the event cost $15 and are available at the door, at Galloway Real Estate, The Walpole Grocery, Jake’s Market, or by calling Karen Galloway at 603-756-4781.
Through the Hooper Institute Youth Internship Program, more than 200 youth have been placed in a variety of Walpole businesses related to agriculture and the environment. Students get hands-on experience maintaining and harvesting produce, working with cows, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, and even mentoring children enrolled in Hooper’s summer camps. For many students, this is their first job and teaches them skills, work habits, and work preferences that will prepare them for future careers.
For more information, please contact: Karen Galloway at 603-756-4781

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