Walpole Historical Society Opens – 6/3/17

The Walpole Historical Society’s Museum will open Saturday June 3, 2017, with two brand new exhibits and new additions to the popular Louisa May Alcott exhibit.

The main gallery has been transformed into a timeline of over two hundred years of Walpole history.  Visitors will learn how Walpole evolved from a Native American seasonal fishing encampment in the 1700’s and how early settlers slowly transformed a wilderness into a prosperous New England village.

The exhibit “Walpole’s Louisa May Alcott” continues with an additional display that compares Louisa’s real Walpole experiences with the drama she wrote about in her famous novel Little Women.

Upstairs is another new exhibit, “When They Were Young” which features children’s clothing from the 1800’s to the 1960’s. Visitors can admire and ponder how children were ever clothed in such “formal” clothing when compared to today’s casual and easy-care styles.

The gift shop is brimming with colorful accessories and beautiful hand sewn table runners.  There are new children’s books and fun items.  We have a variety of books, wooden book marks, note cards, candles and napkins.  We invite you to come often and browse our museum.

The Walpole Historical Society Museum will open for the season on Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM  June 3, 2017 and every Saturday until mid-October.  It is located at 32 Main St., Walpole, New Hampshire.  * We are happy to open our doors anytime by appointment*.  You may call us at 603-756-3449 or call Joan at 756-3078 or Sally at 445-2527  Hope to see you soon.

One thought on “Walpole Historical Society Opens – 6/3/17

  1. Tarissa 06/06/2017 at 12:45 AM Reply

    Oh, wow! The new Alcott exhibits sound really fun. She’s one of my favorite authors, in fact I’m reading a collection of her short stories right now. 🙂


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