Zoning Board Meeting Minutes – 6/21/17

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Town Hall –  Walpole, NH

Wednesday,  June 21, 2017


Present: Board Members: Chair Myra Mansouri, Vice-Chair Jan Galloway-Leclerc, Mary Therese Lester, Tom Murray, Judy Trow.  Alternates: Ernie Vose and Pauline Barnes.

Recording: Marilou Blaine. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the July 2017 meeting for corrections, additions or omissions.

Roll Call: Ms. Mansouri called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm. A full Board was present so an alternate was not needed to fill in.


Minutes: Ms. Barnes made a couple of corrections. On page 1, last paragraph, anybody was changed to anybody’s. On the second page first paragraph, the word on is used twice. And in the third paragraph on page 2, it reads “did Ernie ever get an answer to his question as to whether there was another sign 100 feet away?” The answer was yes. There is another sign near the current drive-up teller spot.

Ms. Lester made a motion to pass the minutes as correct. The motion was seconded by Ms. Leclerc and the Board voted in the affirmative.


Old Business:

Public Hearing: Special exception for Mascoma Savings Bank, 53 Main Street, Map 20, Lot 47, commercial district  – Signage – Article IV, Part D-6. Sign must be 100 feet from another sign.

Mr. Bill Barnard was representing Mascoma in place of Mr. Moore. He said the sign would be illuminated with LED lights and would be behind the letters. It would say Mascoma Savings Bank and the purpose of the sign is to show where the entrance to the drive-thru is. The bank needs a Special Exception because it was within 100 feet of another sign. The other sign is on the side of the bank near the current drive-thru and there is another free-standing sign close to that. The drive-thru sign is 12.5 square feet.

Mr. Kimball asked, “How many signs can you have? The bank already has five.” There is no ordinance that limits the amount of signs a business can have. Ms. Mansouri said some of the others were preexisting. “So I could have seven signs on my property.” “If that was what you wanted,” Ms. Mansouri answered.

Ms. Mansouri asked if the sign would be illuminated like the one in the front of the building. Mr. Barnard said yes. Ms. Mansouri said she thought it was extremely bright because she could see it from her house on High Street. Mr. Barnard said that sign could be put on a dimmer and the one at the drive-thru could have a dimmer as well. Both Ms. Barnes and Ms. Mansouri thought it was a great idea.  Mr. Barnard said it would be done.

Then Ms. Leclerc read the ordinance for the commercial district – Article IV No. 9 in the commercial district reads “Special Exceptions. Signs of six (6) square feet may be placed between 10 (10) and sixty (60) feet of traveled roadway and between twenty (20) and one-hundred feet (100) feet of another sign by Special Exception from the Board of Adjustment when the Board is satisfied that the provision of Article IV will be met and that the sign as place will not have any adverse effect on abutting properties.” It was determined that the bank would need a Variance to approve a sign of this size because there were a couple of signs already larger than 6 (six) square feet. Mr. Barnard said he was not aware of this part of the ordinance.

The Board voted to postpone a vote on the Special Exception until next month and decide on the Special Exception for a sign within 100 feet of another sign and a Variance for the size of the sign at the same time.


Public Hearing: Special exception for Robert Kimball, 311 Main Street, commercial district, Map 24, Lot 10.  Signage – Article IV, Part D-6. Sign must be 100 feet from another sign.

Ms. Trow recused herself from this hearing and Mr. Vose was asked to take her place.

Mr. Kimball changed the size of his sign from 32 inches by 36 inches to 36 inches by 24 inches to adhere to the six square foot rule. He said one 94-inch-by-20-inch sign would be on the peak of the garage facing north. The sign would be the same sign that is at his current office. The second sign would be placed near the driveway, facing Main Street and parallel to the road.

Mr. Vose asked if Mr. Kimball was going to own the building. Mr. Kimball the building would be in his LLC. There were no further questions from the Board. Mr. Murray made a motion to accept the request to reduce the size of the sign and approve the Special Exception for the sign.


New Business:

Seth or Tyler Quail, Quail Financial Group, 42 Main Street, commercial, Map 20, Lot 12, Signage. Across the street from Post Office. Former Mortenson Insurance building.

Both Mr. Seth and Mr Tyler Quail were in attendance. It was pointed out that there had been a sign there before and the Quail sign would be added to an existing sign between two posts. The Quail request conformed to the zoning ordinance so it was approved. They will fill out a sign form and return it with a photograph after the sign is installed.


Ms. Snow Frye – signage at 40 Main Street, signage. Ms. Frye was at the April meeting and received permission from the ZBA to place a sign for her business in the green space in the front of the building, near the driveway. There is a sign there now but the post is rotten. The sign will be replaced in the same space with two posts and three signs of equal size: one for Dr. Steven Pena, Chiropractor, One for the Walpole Wellness Center, which provides yoga classes and massage,  and either a blank one or one for Mazziott Bakery. Ms. Frye said that this is what the owner of the building wanted. The Board approved the three signs.


Enokido/Crouse Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit, March Hill Road Mr. Barry Bellows of Bellows Construction was at the meeting at the request of the Selectboard regarding the number of parking spaces for the project. Mr. Bellows pointed out that there were up to 7 spaces around the circle in front of the house, another 4 are planned below the structure and two cars can fit in the space in front of the garage doors.

The Board agreed that there was more than enough space for parking and it more than fulfilled the conditions for the principal unit and the detached dwelling according to the DADU ordinance.


Bylaws – The Board looked over the Bylaws and made no further changes.


Special Exception form – After looking at the introduction to the Special Exception form and the actual Application it was decided that the written ordinances regarding Special Exception in the Zoning Book should be included with the application. As it is now, if an applicant fills out a Special Exception form, the person has to also check what the ordinance is in the Zoning Booklet, but it doesn’t state that on the form.


Food vending trucks – A person has received permission from the Selectboard to park her food vending truck, called Phat Racks, near the middle bay of the former RN Johnson building on Main Street. It was decided that there was plenty of parking and customers could pull off the road without causing a problem.

The Board discussed whether or not the Board should think about writing an ordinance about food trucks. The final decision was that the Board would not do anything now but might consider it later if needed.


Respectfully submitted,



Marilou Blaine


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    Thank you, Marilou. And yes, we had a good time. We especially enjoyed the play.


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