Planning Board Workshop Meeting – 7/25/17

Town of Walpole

 Planning Board Workshop Minutes

July 25, 2017

7 pm


Present: Robert Miller, Vice-Chair, Dennis Marcom, Cheryl Mayberry, Selectboard Representative, Alternate: Joanna Andros, Mari Brunner, planner with Southwest Regional Planning Commission, Ali Gilleran, an intern at SWRPC.

The purpose of this meeting was to come up with several recommendations to present to the Selectboard. Mr. Miller reminded everyone at the meeting that these were only recommendations and the Planning Board had no power to implement them.


Here are some of the suggestions:

Crosswalk at the library: Paint picture of person walking with the words YIELD. Also add signage about state law of pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Slow traffic coming into the Village: Sharrows in the road closer to the village near Dave and Ellen Adams home. Another 25 mph sign.

Put back sidewalk around Jake’s Variety Store: It is believed that Sandri removed the sidewalk when they did modifications to fuel tank. Sidewalk should be 5 feet at Sandri’s expense.

Sidewalk around Mascoma Bank.

Signage at Hooper Institute to Be Aware of pedestrians crossing.

Middle Street: Consider parking one side only.

Make Elm Street a one-way street.

Keep arrows on the road around the fountain permanent.

Educate students walking to and from the school about walking in the road. The first responsibility of this safety feature should come from the parents. Maybe a notice from the school should be sent home. Another possiblity is the principal points out the dangers in a school meeting. A third approach  is to have someone from the police department talk about safety while walking to school.

Signage at Mill Pond about pedestrians.

Crosswalk at South Street going from Main Street to sidewalk on Old Keene Road.

Drewsville – line painted in front of the store should be painted yearly because road edge disappears as you come around the curve due to cars going in and out of store’s parking lot. Perhaps someone from the store could do this when the white line disappears.

North Walpole – changes on Church Street must have state approval. Add a crosswalk at Stateline Beverage store.

Something to consider long term – Sidewalk from the school to Agway.


This list will be discussed at the next Planning Board meeting to get input from Board members who could not make the meeting. It will then go to the Selectboard and the Planning Board would like the Selectboard to respond to the Planning Board by saying if the Board is going to follow through on each item and, if not, why.


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