Digging into Native History in New Hampshire – 9/22/17

The Historical Society Speaker Series opens with “Digging into Native History in New Hampshire”

The Walpole Historical Society’s popular Speaker Series opens on Friday, September 22nd at
7:00PM at the Walpole Town Hall with the return of anthropologist Dr. Robert Goodby. Last
spring, Dr. Goodby spoke about evidence of Native Americans in this area 12,000 years ago.
“Digging into Native American History in New Hampshire” will take a look at what happened to
that culture after the arrival of Europeans. The audience will learn that Abenaki history has been
reduced to near-invisibility as a result of conquest, a conquering culture that placed little value
on the Indian experience, and a strategy of self-preservation that required many Abenaki to go
“underground,” concealing their true identities for generations to avoid discrimination and
persecution. Dr. Goodby will reveal archaeological evidence that will show their deep presence
here, inches below the earth’s surface.

The public is invited to this free event.

2 thoughts on “Digging into Native History in New Hampshire – 9/22/17

  1. josephine russell 08/29/2017 at 11:54 AM Reply

    where do i send info to for your getting the word out


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