Selectboard Special Meeting – 8/17/17




AUGUST 17, 2017


Selectboard Present:     Peggy Pschirrer (Chair); Steven Dalessio; Cheryl Mayberry


Call To Order:  Mrs. Pschirrer called this Selectboard Meeting to order at 6:15 PM in the Walpole Town Hall.  She advised that this meeting is being recorded and asked anyone wishing to speak to identify themselves for the record.


Public Hearing:

Mrs. Pschirrer opened this Public Hearing and read the Notice of Public Hearing as follows:  “The purpose of the hearing is in accordance with RSA 31:95-b for accepting unanticipated monies in the amount of $119,999.51 from the State of NH Highway Grant Aid to be used for road or bridge maintenance or construction.

These funds are non-lapsing and will be placed in a separate account that will be in the custody of the Town Treasurer.”


Mrs. Pschirrer advised this meeting is to give the public an opportunity to ask questions and receive an answer.  The Selectboard has some plans for a portion of these funds.  There is a problem on the Alstead Center Road as it has the potential to collapse. They authorized an engineer from CDL to draw plans for this project that has the potential to cost as much as $70,000.00.  This is not a firm figure until they see the engineering plans.  Plus they are also considering using some of these funds to repair the storm drains on School Street.  These unanticipated funds allow the Selectboard to use them for roads, bridges and equipment; anything for roads and bridge maintenance.  The funds will be put to good use.  They will be put into the Town’s PDIP (savings) account.  It can be carried over into next year although they expect to do the School Street project this year.  There are many projects this money could be spent on.

Ms. Mayberry pointed out that they will have future discussion on other projects with the presumption that the Alstead Center Road and School Street projects will not use all the funding.


There was no public comment.  There was one member of the public in attendance.

Mrs. Pschirrer declared this Public Hearing closed at 6:22 PM.


Mr. Dalessio moved to accept the non-lapsing funds in the amount of $119,999.51 from the State of NH Highway Grant program.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mr. Dalessio, Ms. Mayberry and Mrs. Pschirrer in favor, the motion was approved.



Mr. Dalessio moved to adjourn this Selectboard meeting.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mr. Dalessio, Ms. Mayberry and Mrs. Pschirrer in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 6:25 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Regina Borden, Recording Secretary


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