Science Olympiad Team Fund Raiser Night – 11/8/17

In case you may have forgotten, the Walpole School earned the honor of attending the Science Olympiad in Ohio last year.  It is a special group of young people that represented us well in the competition.  We should be proud and support them in any way we can.  Here is a painless opportunity! – Lil

Come have dinner with the family or a date night at Fireworks on Wednesday November 8th! 

You will enjoy an evening in chic rustic Italian dining. Fireworks offers a variety of pizzas cooked in a brick oven as well as local food prepared fresh. Fireworks also offers a variety of gluten free options. 

If you want to make reservations call (603)903-1410

Fireworks is located at 22 Main Street, Keene, N.H.

Dinner is served between 5:00 p.m. -9:00 p.m.

No need to mention our name, Fireworks is donating a percentage of all sales that night.



One thought on “Science Olympiad Team Fund Raiser Night – 11/8/17

  1. Kim Lewis 10/23/2017 at 9:14 PM Reply

    Thank you, Lil, for posting this. We are grateful to have the Fireworks Restaurant sponsor this event. We hope that many people can come that night, enjoy a fine meal, and show their support for their own Walpole Science Olympiad Team!

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