Walpole Unitarian Church – 1/14/18

Sunday service at Walpole Unitarian Church, 10 AM:

“Women and Islam: The Veil and Other Costumes and Customs”

Much controversy is stirring about the Muslim tradition of women’s wearing of a head scarf or veil. What is this about? How do we balance religious tolerance and women’s rights? What do we make of this as westerners and or as liberals? How does this connect with other traditions and habits of dress?  Let’s explore this charged topic together. You’re invited to bring a scarf, hoodies, or hat to the service if You choose.

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Mellen Kennedy is a Unitarian Universalist minister and also a Sufi minister (Cheraga).  She serves as minister for the UU Church in Springfield, Vermont. She is founder of “Peace and Unity Bridge,” (PUB)an organization dedicated to cultivating friendship and understanding among Muslims and non-Muslims.  PUB was funded in part by a grant from the Unitarian Universalist Fund for Social Responsibility.  (www.peaceandunitybridge.org). She is also co-founder of the UU Small Group Ministry Network, and teaches the art of sacred storytelling and extemporaneous speaking.

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