Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes – 2/15/18

Members Present:

Alicia Flammia (Chair), Jackie Kensen, Lew Shelley, Kelli Wilson, Laura Hayes

Alternates Present:

Elaine Heleen, Gary Speed

Members Absent

John Peska (Vice Chair), Myra Mansouri, Peter Palmiotto, Duncan Watson

Others Present:

Cheryl Mayberry (Selectboard Representative), Steven Dumont (Recording Secretary), Joe & Barbara Jackson (Guests)

Call to Order: Alicia Flammia, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Seating of Alternates: As a quorum of regular members was present, no seating of Alternates was required.

Review and approve minutes – January 8, 2018. Corrections; Bryon Fletcher’s name was misspelled on page 1. Jackie made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Kelli seconded. With all in favor, the minutes were accepted as corrected.

Public Business:

1. Treasury: besides about $200, all the forestry and conservation account money is in the PDIP account. Copies of Trust Fund and bank statements were given to Steven for filing.

2. Correspondence:

a. An email was sent to the WCC asking for support to an anti-wildlife-trafficking bill.

b. The WCC received a copy of a letter from the Selectboard thanking William Callahan for his land donation. Alicia to follow up with Mr. Callahan about getting the property surveyed.

c. Received a letter from the Society for the Protection of NH Forests reminding the WCC that they are expecting monitoring reports for conservation easements, due 1/15/18 (Jackie has completed them and sent in).

d. Received a notice about the budget hearing on Thursday Feb 8th at the Walpole Town Hall.

e. Received a note that the WCC needs to contact the NH DES to change the address for Alicia.

f. Received a notice from the NH DES about upcoming Aquatic Resource Mitigation fund workshops.

g. Received a letter from Peter Rhodes noting that he just sent the final stumpage payment from the Watershed Town Forest to the Selectman’s office, in the amount of $765.90. He also enclosed a final invoice for his services, and noted that the new town forester should get in touch with him to transfer the large volume of maps and materials that he has.

New Business:

1. Joe and Barbara Jackson were in attendance. They own 22 acres with forest and open space, abutting the Neerie property. They are considering conservation possibilities and came to the WCC looking for more information. Lew recommended that they talk with the Monadnock Conservancy, as they hold the easement on the Neerie property. They may be interested in taking this on.

2. Appointments: John Peska, Kelli Wilson and Myra Mansouri are all up for reappointment. All would like to stay on the WCC. They need to submit a letter of interest to the town. Cheryl recommends that Alicia write to the selectboard and let them know that she approves their reappointment.

3. Garland Lumber Invoice: WCC received a notice from the tax office that there is an outstanding invoice to Garland Lumber in the amount of $6,618.52. Alicia to follow up.

Old Business:

1. Reservoir Dam: John not in attendance, Alicia has not heard back with an update.

2. Antioch University Internship: Laura has committed to doing the internship. The $2,000 stipend has been previously approved. Alicia needs to work out administrative details with Sarah Downing. Laura would like to do some work from home, and not have this be part of an official Antioch internship. Laura asked for $100 to cover the student licensing fee for the software. Jackie made a motion that the WCC fund the $100 fee. Lew seconded. With all in favor, the motion was passed. Lew would like trails info included in the easements. Laura will get started.

3. Fannie Mason Feasibility Study: Lew will walk forest and get started in late March /early April, and will bill for his services on completion.

4. Long View Forest Walk: WCC is waiting for a new date from Long View.

5. Bill Callahan Land Donation: Alicia will update WCC when she hears back on survey proposals.

6. Town Conservation Maps: Laura & Peter are working on the draft. Laura passed around her laptop with the progress so far.

Other Business:

1. Alicia would like to have a WCC outing day in the spring.

2. Trail volunteers: Lew would like to have a day in mid April for trail work, maintenance etc. Date TBD.

3. Gary Speed mentioned that a resident is having trouble with the Cold River and erosion. The WCC may be hearing from her.

4. Steven mentioned that the Charlestown Conservation Commission got copies of all Intent to Cuts, keeping them in the loop on where forestry operations are being done. This was included in their correspondence. Alicia to ask for copies from the selectboard.

5. Steven mentioned that he is interested in becoming an alternate as well as the Recording Secretary. Cheryl will look into this.

Adjournment: At 8:37 PM Jackie made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kelli seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 5, 2018 at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted; Steven Dumont, Recording Secretary

Note: These are unapproved minutes. Corrections, if any, will be found in the minutes of March 5, 2018

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