From Billy Stahl, New School Board Representative

I would like to thank all of the voters in the Fall Mountain Regional School District, and particularly my fellow Walpoleans, who voted for me during the March 13 snow storm. Serving on the school board, I will do my very best to reward your faith in me. 
The  Fall Mountain Regional School District is currently going through some rough times. I feel it is my duty as an elected representative to listen objectively to the concerns of all citizens regarding matters pertaining to our schools. I would naturally work in the best interests of our Walpole schools in particular, though in a regional school district what affects one town can have major implications for all towns. In spite of the controversies facing our district, I remain optimistic that we can still find ways to work together for the good of all our communities.
My district email account should be up and running sometime next week (March 19-23), and should be listed on the district website. I am due to be sworn in as a school board representative on Friday, March 16. I look forward to serving our town as its representative to the Fall Mountain Regional School District. Please feel free to contact me with concerns you may have regarding our schools.
Billy Stahl

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