The Barn at 28 Main Street

There is an exuberance to the paintings of Karen Silve – a lovely ease in the way she captures the rich visual impression of nature and renders them, fully alive, in her canvases.  Her intuitive work relies on layers of lush colors, aggressive brushwork, and drips that push off the sides of the canvas. Based on synaesthetic impressions of the natural world, her paintings impart an unabashed appreciation of nature’s profusion of shape and color.  Her interest in Post-Impressionist and Fauvist paintings are in full evidence here, supported by her intuitive, rhythmic, calligraphic brush strokes.  Purposefully abstract, these compositions are a result of piecing together ad hoc sections of developed works, to arrive ultimately at a new and unexpected place.

Here is a link to our exhibitions page with details on the upcoming exhibit:

The show will run from April 21 to May 26 2018 and the admission will be free.

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