Sixth Annual Clean Up Day

The Sixth Annual Walpole Clean Up Day started out cloudy with chance of rain, but by the time the volunteers arrived, the skies had cleared and the temperature was perfect for three hours of hard trash picking work.

The over thirty volunteers stalwartly armed themselves with gloves and blue bags and went off to their selected routes, fortified with coffee and donuts.  Three hours later, they returned with over 80 bags of trash, piles of metal, stacks of tires, playhouses, tables, enough beer cans and bottles to sink a ship, and – yes – the kitchen sink!!  High on the list of popular alcoholic beverages this year is newcomer Dr. McGillicuddy’s Mentholmint nips.  On one stretch of Rt. 123, the authors found over thirty of these mini bottles tossed along the roadside.  Be careful driving out there, everyone.  Someone is actually drinking all this alcohol – and driving!

We want to our great sponsors who donated prizes for our volunteers:  Bellows House Bakery, Bowman Dental, Burdick’s Chocolate, Joanie Joan’s Eatery and Baked Goods, The Village Blooms, and Shaw’s.  And we want to also thank Paul Colburn and his great staff at the Walpole Transfer and Recycling Station for helping to organize the event, – and for the tough task of cleaning up afterwards!

But, most of all, we want to thank our great volunteers who came out on Clean Up Day, and all those unsung heroes who silently treat every day as a Clean Up Day.  We all thank you!

– Adam Terrell and Tara Sad

In case you question their veracity, look at this! – Lil

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