Special Edition of the Clarion


by Ray Boas

It is this important to the Walpole Community – preserving and conserving the southern entrance to Walpole Village – that a Special Edition of the CLARION had to be prepared. Last Tuesday the applicant for a gas station/convenience store pulled his application following public comment at the Planning Board meeting. Since that time things have moved very, very rapidly in protecting this land FOREVER !!!

Sent to press moments ago, and hopefully in the mail Wednesday, May 16, the first ever Special Edition of the CLARION will fill you in on details and encourage you to participate with your contribution. Details on your tax-deductible contribution (large or small) will be in the June CLARION.

But first click on this link, and “read all about it”

Thank you, share the above link, and please help preserve this parcel of land that is so special to the entire community. Yours, RAY BOAS, Publisher, The Walpole Clarion

3 thoughts on “Special Edition of the Clarion

  1. Jack Neary 05/14/2018 at 9:11 AM Reply

    Maybe this is where Walpole should start to build their “rail trail” . Add a couple of trees and picnic tables.


  2. Becky Pearson 05/14/2018 at 10:43 AM Reply

    Hi Ray,

    I too am very happy that the plan for the gas station was voted down. But I am not sure why the town needs to buy the property. If another developer wanted to build on the site, wouldn’t the town just repeat this process and turn down the request?

    Mr. Oeschger stated that he knew when he purchased the property that he would need a variance to build the gas station. It was a gamble that he was willing to take that did not pay off. I am not sure why the town should buy the property back. It seems that it is his job to sell it if he can.

    Just my opinion.

    Thank you, Becky Pearson


  3. Cathy W. 05/14/2018 at 11:54 AM Reply

    It is the fondest hope of myself and my neighbors here in what my husband refers to as “Middle Walpole” (i.e. Upper Walpole Road, Burrows Lane and Dearborn Circle) that this kind of community support will be present again when we are next faced with inappropriate development in our area. Please remember that we were there for you. Thank you.


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