Distant Hill Gardens Tour This Weekend

The Ultimate Open Garden Weekend

More Gardens Than You Can Visit in Two Days!

This coming Saturday, from 10am to 4pm, is a typical ‘Open Garden’ day at Distant Hill Gardens. Sunday, however, is special. We are one of five local gardens you can visit as part of The Garden Conservancy’s Monadnock Region Open Garden Sunday.

Attracting Pollinators To Your Garden

A Sunday Afternoon Workshop at Distant Hill Gardens: 2-4pm

To end the weekend, join us at Distant Hill Gardens, on Sunday from 2-4pm for a workshop ‘Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden’. The event will begin with a short indoor presentation followed by a tour of the gardens, and a walk through the new pollinator meadow on Distant Hill Nature Trail.

Learn some of the best pollinator friendly trees, shrubs, and perennials to add to your gardens, and how you can plant a wildflower meadow of your own.

Click here to learn more about Sunday’s workshop ’ATTRACTING POLLINATORS TO YOUR GARDEN’

Five More Local Gardens You Can Visit on Saturday!

The beautiful hummingbird moths are back and visiting the gardens.

And if you would like to really fill your need for garden viewing, or if you can’t make it on Sunday, there are five additional local gardens open on Saturday: The Garden Conservancy’s Monadnock Region Open Garden Saturday.

All proceeds from both Saturday and Sunday Garden Conservancy events will go toward their efforts to save and share outstanding American gardens.

This is your chance to visit some of the best gardens in the Monadnock region. We hope to see you this weekend,

Michael and Kathy Nerrie

And remember you can visit Distant Hill Nature Trail anytime. It’s open seven days a week, dawn to dusk.

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